Kelly Nolan Joins Dallas City Center Realtors as Director

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Long-time Dallas real estate agent Kelly Nolan has joined Dallas City Center Realtors as Director. With over 20 years in the business, Nolan spent 15 year with Ebby Halliday before taking an 18-month sabbatical in Napa Valley. Rested and recharged, she returned to real estate, this time turning her focus to the commercial side. Now she’s applying her extensive experience to overseeing operations at the brokerage. We caught up with Nolan, who, nearly a month into her new gig, says she feels like she’s already been there forever. In a good way.

“I feel so fortunate,” she said. “I walked into a wonderful situation. They’ve embraced me. They’re excited about the future we have here at Dallas City Center. It already feels like I’ve worked here for a long time. It’s just gone very comfortably.”

Nolan’s enthusiasm for her colleagues is palpable. She practically vibrates with it. “I just absolutely adore this office,” she said. “The staff is unbelievable the agents are great.”

While a change in the ranks can be difficult, Nolan says she felt immediately welcomed and attributes that to the firm’s culture, its agents, and its owner, Mike Miller.

“I have to tell you, in only a month here, I feel like I’m part of these agents’ lives. This is a really close-knit group of agents and a lot credit for that goes toward the owner and broker, Mike Miller,” she said. “He’s just a fantastic guy who really knows how to bring people together and keep them.”

The appreciation is mutual, it seems.

“I’m very excited to have Kelly on board,” said Miller. “What she brings to the table is a genuine enthusiasm for training. She is very passionate about providing both new and seasoned agents with an environment and educational system that allows them to continuously take their business to the next level.”

Treating Agents like Gold

Even though her role has changed, Nolan says she still feels the same personal connection to her work. “What’s been great about coming back here is I still get that one-on-one personal relationship I had with my clients when I was selling real estate, it’s just now my agents are my clients. That’s how I look at it. When I was selling, I treated my clients like gold, and now that I’m managing the office, I’m treating my agents like gold.”

Right out of the gate, Nolan’s passion for training has led to the creation of “Stars in the Making,” a program focused on development and training for first-year Realtors, aimed at reinforcing the basics and building stronger agents.

After all, the success and happiness of her agents is what it all comes back to for Nolan. It’s now the yardstick by which she measures her own growth.

“I like to look at the whole agent, not just what they produce. And if I can help them lead a balanced life, help them with anything they’re trying to do to grow their business, then that’s going to be very fulfilling for me.”

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