White Rock Midcentury Modern is the Perfect Mad Men Home

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Midcentury Modern 7105 Hillgreen Dr. 1
Finding a secluded 1956 midcentury modern house on almost an acre of land, steps away from White Rock Lake, and for only $1.499 million is remarkable. Homes like 7105 Hillgreen Drive rarely hit the market, because owners  of midcentury moderns seldom move. In fact, this classic  home has only had three owners including noted architect Larry Sauer who designed the World Bank “J” Building, the Cato Institute, and the National Archives ll.

The 3,710-square-foot house bears the classic hallmarks of the era with vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, and floor-to-ceiling windows — all elements today’s builders are embracing.

 Midcentury Modern 7105 Hillgreen Dr 2

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“The first time that I entered this house, I thought it would be the perfect ‘Mad Men’ set for Don Draper,” listing agent Terri Raith with United Real Estate Dallas said. “The clean, architectural lines, the pale blond oak floors, brick walls in a seamless transition from the exterior, and miles of windows that completely incorporate the outside-in. The views from all rooms are phenomenal, and the doors open out to the exterior entertaining areas on all sides for a great flow.”Midcentury Modern 7105 Hillgreen Dr 6

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The home was built with four bedrooms as the original owner had six children and of course, that was an era of shared rooms. Sauer opted to create a larger bedroom from two of the originals. Three full bathrooms and a powder bath were essential with all those kids!

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7105 Hillgreen Dr 25Raith has been scouring old building permits, city directories, and The Dallas Morning News archives to determine the home’s architect. Dallas had a fair share of notable architects of the era like Arch B. Swank, Scott Lyons, Glenn Allen Galaway, and Harrell Hamilton that were known for this style. So, if anyone has the inside skinny let us know at CandysDirt.com.

During her research, Raith came across something interesting.

“The builder was Robert Slaughter, and the original owner was Byrt Scammel,” Raith said.  “It’s a small world; I actually discovered that I know a nephew of Byrt Scammel.”

The grounds of the home are like having your own private park. There’s a mixture of native perennial plants, trees, and seasonal color. Sauer installed the classic pool in 1978 and the stone terraces in the back garden. He also designed the tree house to resemble an actual tree. More recently, David Rolston contributed to the beautiful landscape and native gardens.7105 Hillgreen Dr 9

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“The current owner is a sculptor, author, and arts patron who has owned the property since 1983,” Raith said. “The additions of the carport, pizza oven patio, hot tub deck, and sunroom off of the master bedroom were all executed for her by Dan Shipley. I love it, and we are certainly hoping for the right ‘Mad Man’ to love it, too.”

When they do, we hope they’ll fire up the pizza oven and invite us all over for martinis!

Open House:  Sunday, April 23, 1-3 p.m.

Karen Eubank is the owner of Eubank Staging and Design. She has been an award-winning professional home stager for more than 25 years. She’s been a professional writer for 20 years. Karen is the mother of a son who’s studying music at The University of Miami. An ardent animal lover, she doesn’t mind one bit if your fur baby jumps right into her lap. Find Karen at www.eubankstaging.com


Karen Eubank

Karen is the owner of Eubank Staging and Design. She has been an award-winning professional home stager for more than 25 years and a professional writer for over 20 years. Karen is the mother of a son who’s studying for his masters at The New England Conservatory of Music. An ardent animal lover, she doesn’t mind one bit if your fur baby jumps right into her lap.

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  1. Sean M. says

    Any idea if the ceilings were originally wood planks or were they always drywall (or plaster)? They look like they might have been updated, so I am curious. I had seen this house listed, but it was great to read about the hunt for historical information on the home, plus the additions and current owner info. Keep up the mid-century modern posts. I LOVE them!

    • Terri Raith says

      Sean, I actually met two of the children from the original owners this weekend, and showed them the house. No one has ever spoken about plank ceilings, so I’m pretty confident that these are original. Some walls have been re-configured, but the family was amazed at how so much was preserved. They approved of the changes!

  2. JOHN SIEBER says

    Dang, how to fertilze yard and not get an algae bloom in pool?
    I think it is beautiful but must be really careful.

  3. Kip says

    I like the exterior better than the interior. From the outside you get the feeling that it’s going to be warm on the inside. I would’ve thought there would be lots of texture inside like brick and wood or maybe even stone. The outside looks vintage but the inside seems like a totally different house.

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