Staff Meeting: Room For Music and Memories at 6610 Nonesuch Ct.

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6610 - Exterior

Tuesday night, took over the Lakewood home of country music singer Steve Holy and his family for one of our Staff Meeting parties. The address, 6610 Nonesuch Court, left me scratching my head, but GPS got me there lickity-split. Turns out it’s a tiny, private, gated road with just four homes on it.  Talk about safe for the kiddies.  From the air you can see what I mean.

Thanks Google Earth
Thanks, Google Earth

You can also see that each of the homes back up to trees, so most every window faces a rural treehouse view (I was going to say “country” but that would be cliché, wouldn’t it?). But as long as we’re looking down on the house, you can see the main part of the house … the finger winding down from the back is the media room (first bump) and the master suite (everything else).  Talk about the feeling of seclusion.

The home likes its 5’s: it’s 5,466 square feet with five bedrooms and five full bathrooms, and it’s listed for $1.949 million.  What you can’t see is that it’s home-for-lunch close to Lakehill Prep School which serves kids from K-12.  Close to a great school but on a gated cul-de-sac that ought to keep your house from getting TP-ed.  What more could a parent wish for, I ask?

Processed with Snapseed.
Country recording artist Steve Holy, Candy Evans, and Realtor Lee Lamont.


This was a party though…and I must admit I’d be fired if I worked for Paper City.  I totally forgot to snap any pics during the evening until nearly the last gasp (I guess wine enhances my memory?).  As always, Candy’s the life of the party seen here with PR whiz Sally Francis, Krista de la Harpe, and our own Karen Eubank.

They’re standing in the great room that leads out to the patio (complete with fireplace and TV).  It wasn’t chilly enough yet for a fire, but we cranked ‘er up anyway.

6610 Ariel

Here’s that wonderful open space.  Perfect for a family and, as we proved, a party. The double-story space has a large fireplace with stone going to the ceiling a built-in flat screen and room for plenty of seating.  And that acre-island gives space for the biggest holiday spread.

Also in this pic you can see the balcony at the top of the picture that’s part of the children’s playroom.  Again, you can keep an eye out or close the doors for a little peace.

6610 Children's playroom

If you ask me (whose playroom was his sleeping room), this is too nice for kids, but maybe I’m just bitter. But notice the ceilings?  That took some planning and skill.  Certainly gives the room that bit of excitement you expect from a custom built home.  Through that arch are the three children’s or guest’s bedrooms.

My second and last event picture :-(
My second and last event picture (Bad Jon) 🙁

Back to the kitchen.  Just how large is that island?  Well, the home’s listing agent, Lee Lamont with Coldwell Banker had just tested that out by asking these ladies if they could even reach across the island.  Even with that glass of wine as the prize, none of them were able.  That’s how large it is.  The arch in at the back of the photo leads to an office / game room.

6610 - Kitchen

In addition to the island, there’s lots of cabinetry and counter space.  That door leads to a pantry for storing what’s needed to feed growing kids (I know, I was one). The large window on the right edge has views out to the trees and patio.

6610 - Laundry

Also near the kitchen is quite a grand laundry room that sure beats the cobwebbed basement that housed my childhood washer and dryer. I won’t go do far as to say a laundry room like this will make you thrilled for laundry day, but I guarantee you’ll hate it less.

6610 Master

Remember I said the master bedroom was off on its own a bit?  Here it is, complete with a pitched roof and a cabin-in-the-woods feel with a wall of windows looking into the trees.  Not a bad way to wake up in the thick of urban Dallas.

6610 - Master Bath

Once nature or necessity has pried you out of bed, here’s where you’ll be headed.  Now before you freak out seeing just one sink, realize that’s “her” sink.  His is out of shot on the left.  Also, that pinch of tiles arch you see on the left?  That leads to a jumbo two-man shower (or man and woman as the case may be). What I like is the cabinetry is more furniture-like being raised off the ground on legs.  You may be tired of reading it, but lots of windows to wake you up in the morning.

Senior writer Leah Shafer with Candy Evans.
Senior writer Leah Shafer with Candy Evans.

Oh, I almost forgot, in another of the bathrooms there’s a munchkin door that leads to some attic storage (which I of course opened) and found a stash of tile.  Yup, this home is prepared for tile disasters.  If a bowling ball gets dropped on any of the tile, there are spares on the other side of that little door.  Nice little bonus.

Give Lee a shout, I’m sure he’ll be happy to show you around and see if your arms can reach across the kitchen island too.  There may even be some wine in it for you!

In the meantime, have a listen to Steve Holy’s music.

Remember:  High-rises, HOAs and renovation are my beat. But I also appreciate modern and historical architecture balanced against the YIMBY movement.  If you’re interested in hosting a Staff Meeting event, I’m your guy. In 2016, my writing was recognized with Bronze and Silver awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors.  Have a story to tell or a marriage proposal to make?  Shoot me an email


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