Preston Center Changes: Townhomes on Townhouse Row Are Going, Going, Gone

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Transwestern Tear Down

The 35 year old apartments at the corner of Preston and Northwest Highway are gone. Late last week, the entire south block of Town House Row was gone. By the time I venture south today, the entire north side may be gone as well. Every time I drive by this portion of Preston Center “Behind The Pink Wall”, I say a silent prayer for the miracle that Transwestern actually did get to proceed ahead with it’s plans to raze these town homes  — charming as they were — and fill them with luxury apartments. New luxury apartments filled with fresh air. I say this even though we are in the midst of Preservation Month.NE-corner-Preston-Northwest-Highway-570x400


It appears that some of the town homes may have contained asbestos:

I hope the progress Behind the Pink Wall will help more people understand that as much as we hate change and tearing down the past, sometimes it has to happen with balance. Town House Row was charming, but it was not Swiss Avenue or The Alexander Mansion. We built homes differently in the ’50s and ’60s. Today we build with more energy efficiency and insulation and we wire homes for high tech systems. There are buildings Behind the Pink Wall with knob and tube wiring. Some don’t have grounded outlets. Asbestos is a very dangerous building product that was once put into buildings because of it’s fireproof characteristics, but it has been proven to cause Mesothelioma cancer. 

Town House Row south1
Town House Row north
Town House Row asbestos
photo courtesy of Cassie Evans

Asbestos house

Despite all the brou ha ha , I remain optimistic that positive change will come to Preston Center west of Preston Road. Just stay with us and our dirt-digging Jon Anderson to keep you posted with the most detailed, inside coverage on this important part of town.


Candy Evans

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  1. Douglas says

    As the former owner, of the now demolished apartments on the corner, may I say that I am very happy to no longer be a landlord (just being honest). My best wishes to Transwestern, and the neighborhood, that I no longer am a part. That prime corner will become much more beautiful, over the next couple of years, and Preston Center will be better for it.

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