Five Questions With New Ebby Lakewood/Lake Highlands Sales Manager Rene Barrera

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Congratulations are in order for René Barrera, the new sales manager at the Lakewood/Lake Highlands Ebby office. Not only is he an East Dallas resident himself, but he’s also a natural leader, according to Mary Frances Burleson.

“René brings extensive industry knowledge, as well as a strong desire to assist our Lakewood/Lake Highlands agents in taking their careers to the next level,” Burleson says. “A recipient of the MetroTex Association of Realtors Lois Hair Bernays Salesperson of the Year Award and Ebby Halliday’s Service to the Industry Award, René offers extensive real estate expertise and a long history of service to our industry and the East Dallas community.”

Barrera is an Aggie, too, which is what won me over, obviously! And he’s a family man, too.

“I would not be myself without mentioning my beautiful wife Julie, and two great kids Bianca and Isaac, who just started at Mata Montessori, one of the best DISD schools of choice around,” Barrera said. “We are blessed to have such great options in schools in our community.”

Barrera also runs marathons and races in triathlons, so you’ve probably passed him on the trails around White Rock Lake, but we wanted to dig a little deeper and ask him some real, hot-button questions, like what his favorite East Dallas restaurant is. You’ll be shocked by the answer!


1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Barrera: My dad was a coach and marathon runner, and he was my hero, so I really thought I would be a coach just like him. Once I grew up I wanted to be a lawyer, but that’s boring.

2. What is your favorite restaurant in Lakewood/East Dallas/Lake Highlands? What is the dish you most often order?

Barrera: I absolutely LOVE the shrimp cocktail at Big Shucks (Aw Shucks before they came around). It reminds me of home in Laredo, TX! I’m a creature of habit, so before any race/marathon/triathlon I have to have spaghetti from Campisi’s – that meal always gets me ready to fly! But that’s two …

3. Choose: Grey, beige, or greige. Why?

Barrera: Beige. Grey makes me grey and I’m a happy kind of guy! My favorite color is white (boring and not a “true” color) but it is to me! Clean, simple, and bright!

4. What is your go-to advice for Realtors when they are just starting out?

Barrera: Get your prospects list down pat, and make sure you have all the contact information 100 percent correct. Touch everyone on the list by phone, email, and handwritten note, and keep them close. Your friends and people you know need to hear from you constantly, and know you’re an expert who can help. Don’t be a “secret agent.” I’ve never met a stranger, and I love that about East Dallas – it has that “small town,” “live local” feel I love! Was that too many? Oh well!

5. Considering the climate of the real estate market in Lakewood and Lake Highlands, what is the most challenging aspect of your new position?

Barrera: Securing great agents who are currently with our competitors but should be, want to be, or NEED to be with Ebby – The Leading Real Estate Company in the Metroplex! We have the best training, technology, marketing, culture, and agents. I’ve worked with most area agents in some way over almost 15 years of being an agent, and done my best to establish rapport with them – so I would love if they would give me the opportunity to lead their success! Networking to get our agents into all the pocket-listings and advertised on would be a close second.

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  1. Alex Roostaei says

    I met Rene many years ago when we both started out at Keller Williams. He’s a great guy, knows his stuff, and people respect him…..he’s going to do great things in his new role. Congrats Rene!

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