So Is Tom Hicks’ $100 Million Walnut Place Really Under Contract?

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Hicks Main House-Rear Garden on North Side

Steve Brown alerted us to word that Andy Beal was making a play for the two most expensive homes in Dallas, Tom and Cinda Cree Hicks’ glorious $100 MILLION Walnut Place, formerly known as the Crespi Estate.

Steve said that Beal is considering both the Crespi Estate (move in with your solid gold tooth-brush ready) and the $46 million Crow estate on Preston Road, which was taken off the market in early November, as I told you. It was reduced from $59.356 million to $46m, not sure Steve got that message. The $46 million Crow estate would likely be a tear down and a huge building project for a Mark Molthan, John Sebastian or one of our guys. Enormous.

But it would be someone’s total personal dream.

So I did some digging. I think Steve is onto something. Sure enough, the Hicks home status is cancelled — off the market. Went off MLS on November 24.

Well, why would they do that if they wanted to sell it, you ask?

Simple: keep the price and transaction quiet. Brilliant strategy.

Allie Beth and David Nichols are being quite mum, of course, but I hear that the Hicks have recently been looking at both Museum Tower and The Ritz Residences (Tower II) for an interim home while they decide how and where to downsize in Dallas. Word is they have to be out of Walnut Place by March. It’s really amazing because Allie Beth and David just got the listing in March!

This is all conjecture and chatter, but comes from people in the know, so I’m going to throw it out there.

After all, Steve started it. And I cannot think of a better way to end 2015, a killer year in Dallas real estate, than with the sale of a $100 million Dallas home!

Hicks Walnut Place

Hicks Main House- Garage (From West)

Hicks Main House- Bar (1)
The bar

Hicks Main House-Rear Garden on North Side

Hicks Grounds- Pool looking North

hicks Guest House Bathroom
guest house

hicks Guest House Bedroom (1)

Hicks Guest House-Bathroom

Hicks Guest House-Bedroom

Hicks Guest House-Dining Room

Hicks Guest House-Sitting Room

Hicks Guest House-Living Room

Hicks Guest House-Kitchen

Hicks Guest House-Hallway

Hicks Guest House-Entry

Hicks Guest House- View from Master Bedroom Balcony (Facing Northwest)
guest house

hicks rec House Kitchen

Hicks Main Grounds- Area Behind House on North Side

Hicks Main House- Morning Room (Facing Southeast)
Breakfast room

Hicks Main House- Kitchen

Hicks wine 10000HollowWay256L

Hicks Main House- Fitness Room

Hicks Main House- Kitchen (2).jpg stove

Hicks Main House- His Closet in Master Suite
His dressing room
Hicks Main House- Her Closet Master Suite
Her closet
Hicks Main House- Her Sitting Area in Master Suite
Her dressing room
Hicks Main House- His bath in Master Suite
His master bath
Hicks estate her bath
Her master bath

Hicks Main House- Fireplace in Bedroom

Hicks Main House- Living Room- Fireplace

hicks Main House- Master Bedroom- Fireplace

Hicks Main House- Master Bedroom (Facing Northeast) (1)
The Master bedroom

Hicks Main House- Library (Facing East) (1)

Hicks Main House- Library (Facing North)

Hicks Main House- Conservatory (Facing North)
The Solarium

Hicks Main House- Fireplace in Office

Hicks Main House- Office

Hicks Main House- Living Room- Fireplace


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