Lasvit Lighting: Nothing Bohemian About these Czech Lighting Magicians

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The Supernova’s Shape is Controlled via Gestures
The Supernova’s Shape is Controlled via Gestures

Without even knowing it, during my recent European tour, I left a drool trail from one Lasvit light to another. This Prague-based manufacturer carries on a long tradition of Czech glassmaking, supplying kings, czars and emperors. Lasvit, founded more recently by Leon Jakimič in 2007, focused on bespoke lighting and sculptural installations (highfalutin’ words for expensive and jaw-dropping).

Jakimič is a little different in utilizing in-house and external designers to create their statement pieces. None of the names likely mean anything to readers, but Nendo, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, Czech legends René Roubíček and Bořek Šípek are among their crew. Let’s just say these artists are well represented in the museums of Europe and the world. The company was also awarded the Harper’s Bazaar 2015 Best Lighting Brand just last month.

Specifically, Petra Krausova’s “Supernova” was awarded the first prize. This undulating design, lit from above and comprising hundreds of individual pieces of glass connected by wire to an intricate series of motors that glide the sculpture into unending forms. Wires raise, lower and tilt each glass “tile” using gesture control. It’s not hard to see why this took the prize. While the artist envisions this lighting sculpture for a large public space, I’m sure smaller versions could be commissioned for those blessed with the budget.

Bonbon 1 SM

For those with smaller aspirations, there’s Bonbon. A nifty pendant shaped like a wrapped bonbon complete with crimped “paper” top containing a lamp reminiscent of a tasty hard candy. Approx. $1,990.

Lasvit Crystal Rock SM

Crystal Rock is another pendant family that’s at mostly modern with a touch of the Flintstones. These glowing stones are available in a variety of hand-cut faceted shapes and colors, the interior surface is laminated to ensure these lamps sparkle like crystals.   Available in amber, blue, clear, opal and red. Crystal Rock is available in single, triple and quintuple configurations. Cost? Unpublished.

Harrods Light 3 SM

For this series imaginatively called, “Neverending Glory” designers Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus interpret the chandeliers from the world’s most famous theaters and concert halls – Milan’s La Scala, Paris’ Palais Garnier, New York’s Metropolitan Opera, Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater and Prague’s Estates Theater. The designers imagined the shapes made were the chandeliers spinning blurringly quick. Chandelier meets schoolhouse glass pendant. Above is the La Scala version; below the complete set. Each is approximately $2,380 and available in opal and clear glass.

The Complete Set in Clear Glass
The Complete Set in Clear Glass

Let’s end on a high note. Called Twill, designer Taťána Dvořáková created a fabric of woven crystals that can be shaped into nearly any configuration or design. Seen at Harrods, you can see pinhole LED lights mounted above the crystal fabric. The result is a dazzling organic ceiling that sets the va-va-voom ambiance you’d hope for. Of course it’s all custom so all I can say about pricing is that it’s certainly beyond “up there.”

Crystalline Clouds Set the Mood
Crystalline Clouds Set the Mood

As you might guess, Lasvit sure isn’t at Lamps Plus. In the USA, Lasvit can be found in eastern and western coastal states like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Wachington DC, etc. The closest to Dallas is the Chicago showroom of Luminaire. Lasvit proves once again that travel empties the wallet.

For those (like me) who want to experience Lasvit’s magic, check out their Bespoke Installations page and see the hotels, offices and other public spaces they’ve been commissioned to trick-out. Seeing their work, unbeknownst at the time, but I’ve been wow-ed several times in several buildings they’ve installed their magic.

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