Party Time: When It Comes to Client Appreciation, Legacy Texas Title Really Knows How to Turn Up the Sweet

Devin & Shirley Cohen

Devin Rambie, Legacy Texas Title & Shirley Cohn

Last Thursday night the Dallas Country Club was rocking with music, great food, and drinks that never quit coming as Legacy Texas Title graciously fetted almost every top Real Estate agent in North Texas. The star-studded event started with a backdrop VIP photo op  as the talented Bob Manzano was on hand to shoot all the smiles. And snap away he did.  It was a beautiful night inside and agents were out from every brokerage. Your’s truly was also on hand with ears tuned up, along with Jennifer and Bob Johnson of Wallick & Volk, Inc. Mortgage and really just all the best people in the biz. Here you go, see for yourself how folks kick up their heels when Legacy Texas Title says, “we love you!” PS: T’was a rainy night, so Legacy gave out the best, most sensible gifts ever: umbrellas!

Legacy Texas Title

Legacy Texas Title team


David Rambie kicking up heels with the Legacy Texas Title Team: Tashi Norwood and Zee David



Candy and Jennifer Johnson of Wallick & Volk Mortgage


Dax and Caroline

Dax Pass & Caroline Summers



Martha Hooper Legacy Texas Title and Susan Bradley ABA


Malinda Arveson

Malinda and Dave Arvesen


Helen Mulherin &Christy Berry

Helen Mulherin & Christy Berry


Madelien Jobst

Darla Ripley & Madelyn Jobst


Melissa & Brenda White

Melissa & Brenda White


Charm Gallini

Charm Gallani, Breck Gallini, Robert Fry LTT


Diane DuVall Rogerr etc

Diane DuVall Rogers, Tom Hughes, Christopher McGuire, Becky Frey


Duke Jimerson

Brandi Bragg, Duke Jimerson, Anne Kashata



Gaynelle Henger , Wendy Harkness, Dennis and Sherry Mullinix (homebuilder extraordinaire)


Joan Eleazer

Lucinda Buford, Gayl Johansen ,Chris McGuire, Joan Eleazer, Bernice Edelman


party 3

Debbie Folsom, Mitra Shamsa, Maria Ward


Party 4

Jean Bateman, Jeannie Nethery, CC Allen, Pam Brannon, John Maluso



Arthur Greenstein and moi



Johnny Murray, Jill Long, Brandon Travelstead


Elly Holder

Elly Holder & Ann Henry Briggs


Joan Nora Buff Amis Susan

Joan Eleazer, Nora Ling Lane, Buff Amis, Susan Baldwin


Melissa Jena

Melissa Smulyan, Jena May, Brenda White