RIP, 4901 Live Oak: Crews Tear Down Home Couple Once Hoped To Transform

4109 Live Oak

It’s a sad day for preservationists, as the red brick traditional at 4901 Live Oak that was once the center of a fierce neighborhood zoning debate comes down. We knew this day was coming, but we still felt unprepared for the carnage we witnessed.

This is one of those situations where we have to look at the lesser of two evils: Would it not have been better for the neighborhood that this old, stately home with so much history be transformed into a wedding venue than being razed for another generic multi-family development?

We’ve reached out to Preservation Dallas for comment. More to come.

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  • Not a direct comment on this story (because I don’t know the facts), but I have to ask…are wedding venues the golden ticket these days for turning a quick buck on a home you can’t afford? Or is it because a generation that clutches the exhaustingly false belief of their own “uniqueness” can’t do anything anyone in their Facebook circle has already posted?

    • mm

      Jon that would be an interesting story: how many homes in Dallas have been used as wedding venues? There was Braden Power’s place, then the M Mansion, of course Aldredge House. Wonder how many others? I think it’s because of the high costs of weddings these days (I think the average, average mind you is $50K) and yes, everyone’s desire to be unique. “Unique”.

  • The irony of this situation to me is that there is clearly a market for the services that the couple hoped to provide with a wedding venue. Just a few blocks away is the controversy with the Aldredge House. This property on Live Oak could have been a lovely venue in a neighborhood sorely in need of a boost. This location would not have infringed on residential neighbors in the way that events at the Alredge House do.