Inside the Renaissance: It’s Turtle Creek Luxury for the Starter Condo Buyer

Renaissance 325 Renaissance 325a Renaissance 325 b Renaissance 325cThe tragic and frightening parking lot collapse at The Renaissance has this unit under the Real Estate microscope. The Renaissance, built in 1998, is one of the largest condo complexes on Turtle Creek, and it usually has a smattering of units for both sale and rent. Average prices look to be about $200 to 250K, and while some are pretty straightforward and simple — like unit #230 for $174,900 — we love this unit #1516 listed with Allie Beth Allman’s Sue Krider for a whopping $375,000. Both are one bedroom, one bath units. 

There are about 605 units in two buildings, concierge services, a huge pool, outside barbecue area, exercise room and spa services. The Renaissance is a relatively affordable way to get a home on Turtle Creek Boulevard. This is the building where you find ownership under many a name-dropping Dallas family name trust — Winspear, Cline, etc. It’s a favorite safe place to plant your child while attending graduate school in Dallas while not breaking the bank or trust fund.

Here’s a theory from a reader from FaceBook: 

Hal Watson III The picture of the garage roof looks as though some dirt and large shrubs (or small trees) were being staged/stored there…here’s a theory: the dirt stored on the roof absorbed the rain water and became so heavy that the roof collapsed!?


3225 Turtle Creek 230

3225 Turtle Creek #230 $174,900

Renaissance lobby

3225 Turtle Creek Lobby

Renaissance pool

3225 Turtle Creek pool on top of parking garage

Renaissance BBQ

3225 Turtle Creek grilling

Renaissance Fountain