We Love Ebby: Send Us Your Best Ebby Memories and Photos!

Candy Photo 3 copy

I was interviewed by KERA for a tribute they are doing on Ebby Halliday that will air later today, and we will post it. Reporter Katelin Chow asked me for my favorite Ebby memory and I said, there are too many! I will say that in times of adversity I think about Ebby and how strong she was, and how she survived so much in her life while managing to give others so much. She truly had a heart of gold in one of the most competitive professions in the history of time.

This is ONE of my favorite times with Ebby, at a party at the Mansion with my “horse hair” — as a commenter at D called it. (I was the real estate editor for D Magazine Partners before founding CandysDirt.com.) Cody Baker at Ebby was kind enough to send these over. I have them framed on my wall. That man in the middle is my husband, and Ebby adored him. He adored her. She just knew how to make you feel at home and at ease, no matter where you were. I think that’s because Ebby was so genuine. She truly loved people and she loved real estate.

No matter where you hang your license, I know you have an Ebby Halliday story. Send it to us here at the blog, or post it in comments. Send us your favorite Ebby pics! Here are mine:

Candy Photo 1 copy

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