Pentis Envy: Why The Ritz Has The Most Luxurious Penthouse in Dallas

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One Perfect Room
The Library: One Perfect Room

“Ritz” has been transformed from name to noun by the opulence found in César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier’s Hôtel Ritz on the Place Vendôme since 1898 in Paris. The world has changed as lot since then, but Ritz is still a brand associated with timeless opulence, something we can see today in Penthouse 2200 at Dallas’ Ritz Residences. Neighbor and Realtor Sharon Quist and Kathy Myers of Dave Perry Miller are the agents skilled enough to market this incredible penthouse owned by billionaire Trevor Rees-Jones.

* The word “penthouse” traces its lineage back to the French “apentiz” of the 1520s, meaning to append or hang against. Literally a house that was appended to another structure. The English Middle-English-ized the word to “pentis.” (so 500-years later, together with Freud, I could pull off my double entendre title!)

By now, you know me. When looking around most homes, I tend to see projects. You know, those nagging, “Oh no they di’int” moments. Not this time. In this $8.5-million penthouse, my pickiness has met its match.

The library (pictured above) is one example of how to create a perfect room. Far from the largest room in this 5,666-square-foot home, the library oozes comfort and peace wrapped in killer views of the Dallas skyline with terrace access. Some would say my testosterone is talking. And I suppose with its wood-paneled walls and ceiling, it’s a tad more butch than the “Hers” master bath. However, with an amazing use of lighting, it’s far from the oppressive, dark, Chesterfield-lined smoking-hall that’s such a stereotypical turn-off to the ladies. Add a fridge and a toilet and I’d move in.

Balconies Everywhere and 360-degree Views
Balconies Everywhere and 360-degree Views

Overall, the space is largely separated by a public/private dividing corridor that partitions the Master bedroom “compound” from the rest of the home. Turn one way from the elevator and you’re in the more casual kitchen and family room side of the home. Turn the other and you have the option of the owner’s retreat or the more formal entertaining spaces of the home. At first glance, it may seem odd to have an emergency staircase off the master baths, but with one-third of our day spent in bed, it’s a great safety convenience in a high-rise.

Living Room
If This Was Your Living Room, You”d Pinch Yourself Every Single Day

That impressive 41-foot long corridor is where the impressive art I’d need to buy would hang for jealous friends to ogle before entering the comfortably sumptuous living room. Yes, it’s as big as 2-bedroom Tokyo apartment, but it’s well-anchored and is a space that begs for a party. With its hints of art nouveau set with the tidiness of Santa Barbara, it breathlessly whispers, “More champagne, please.” The ceiling is as impressive as it looks and what in pictures seems to be gold leaf over the fireplace is actually book-matched, burled walnut.

My Perfect "Bedroom 4" - With Direct Terrace Access!
My Perfect “Bedroom 4” – With Direct Terrace Access!

My second perfect room is simply listed as Bedroom 4. While the Master is certainly deadly chic, I’m plain folks. Measuring 15 x 17, Bedroom 4 is a comfortable size. It’s big without the responsibility of the Master. It’s also perfect for me because I could use more exercise. Located at the opposite end from my beloved library, my Fitbit will be ticking away the steps. I’ll also rack up some steps running over to the “His” closet in the Master – I’m a clothes horse, so that closet is mine! Best of all, when it’s not 100-plus degrees outside, Bedroom 4 also opens to one of the three huge terraces. In fact, every room besides Bedrooms 2 and 3 opens onto a terrace. How great is that?

A Kitchen Worth it's Salt ... and Pepper!
A Kitchen Worth it’s Salt … and Pepper!

I’m also gushing on the kitchen with its Poggenpohl cabinetry. The mixture of materials from that hunk of polished wood on the eating area to the modern lacquered cabinets is visually compelling. Add to that my favorite cabinet detail – lots of drawers – and this kitchen is A+ for me. Well, maybe A-, those aren’t my Gaggenau ovens!

Kitchen tip: The more expensive the cabinetry, the more drawers you see – they cost more.


Ritz Exterior

If you’ve got the dough, you could live in the “crown” of the Ritz.

Hemingway once said, “When in Paris the only reason not to stay at the Ritz is if you can’t afford it.” It’s also the only reason I’m not buying this Ritz penthouse in Dallas.

What’s your excuse?

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