Lady in Farmers Branch Uses FSBO Sign to Flick Off Next Door Neighbor

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You may have heard of this one today: a woman in Farmers Branch, Lisa Price, put this sign in her front yard at 3312 Pebble Beach Drive, to get even with her neighbor, who she says is not being a good neighbor. She told CBS-11 that he complains to the city about her 4 dogs barking and has a security camera aimed at her house.

“He knew we had dogs when he moved in,” she said.

The final straw was a $121 ticket in the mail citing her for a “barking dog.”

Price said she doesn’t really intend to sell her home, but was driving home a point.

“We thought maybe that would help him to back off,” she said.

CBS11 tried to reach the neighbor referenced in the sign, but could not find them at home.

CBS-11 found out that as long as the sign is a real estate sign, she can leave it up.

Farmers Branch

But my question is this: she has admitted she does not want to sell her home, she is just driving home a point. Does this mean that everyone who gets mad at their neighbors can put up for sale signs with derogatory language… though I admit calling someone a “douchebag” is pretty mild.

The neighbors don’t seem to mind:

“I think it’s marvelous,” said neighbor Jim Jay. “It could have been a lot cruder.”

Dede Sons admitted she laughed.

“Posted it to Facebook, right? ‘Can you believe this! It’s on the street across from me!’” she said.

While Ms. Price may be making a point, I think she is hurting her neighbors: who is going to want to buy a home in this neighborhood with a Hatfields & McCoys type feud going on, over dogs?

And four dogs? That’s a bit much for the lot, in my opinion. Her yard is 98 feet wide by 135 feet deep. The house is 1700 square feet. I had four Golden Retrievers once but we had acreage, and lived on a corner. Barking dogs next door are annoying if you have babies, or work at home. So maybe Mrs. Price needs to re-think her signage outburst and focus on breaking the barking habits. Agree?


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  1. Jon Anderson says

    In condos as well as single family homes…your neighbors shouldn’t be able to see, hear or smell whatever you’re doing. Continually barking dogs are as annoying as continually crying babies. I’d have informed the owner of the problem and if it wasn’t addressed, I’d continue to call the police until it was. $121 a day in fines would add-up quickly. We all deserve peaceful enjoyment of our homes. Muzzle the dogs and since she’s admitted to advertising a product that’s not for sale, charge her with fraud. Ms. Price is the only doucebag in this story.

    • Brian says

      100% agree with everything you said. The camera was necessary for him to prove that barking was occurring. I don’t think he was out of line in any way.

  2. Janet says

    Surprising if this is Brookhaven area (being it’s Pebble Beach) having a sign like this is even allowed. Maybe it depends if the 4 dogs are outside 24/7 or just for period of time, course walking the dogs would be healthier than no exercise and just letting them out in a small backyard. The dogs could be barking for a reason, like maybe needing water in this heat, just saying…..

  3. Brian says

    An update on this story… The man complaining about these dogs has now put his house up for sale (3318 Pebble Beach Dr.)

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