Guardian Angels: ‘Dynamic Duo’ Trey and Kim Rabon Make a Team You Can Trust

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It’s one thing to be married to your job, but what if you work with the person you’re married to? Spending all day at the office with your spouse and then spending evenings and weekends at home has to be a drain, right?

Not for Trey and Kim Rabon, who have become experts in maintaining a work-life balance. Not only that, but this pair capitalizes on the work dynamic that their marriage brings to Guardian Mortgage, earning them the trust of their clients time and again.

For those reasons and so much more, we’re honored to feature Trey and Kim as this months Guardian Angels. Jump to learn more about these trusted mortgage professionals! It sounds like you two have worked together – not just at Guardian Mortgage – but many times before. We’ve even heard you referred to as the “Dynamic Duo.” Why do you think that is?

Trey: We have worked together for over 14 years and it always came very easy to us. We just clicked.
Kim: What makes us a great “married” team is trust. We have always relied on one another to do our jobs at 110 percent.

CD: What’s it like working together every day? Does it come with any unforeseen challenges?

Trey: Working together is great. As for unforeseen challenges, there’s nothing more than what you would expect, working so closely with your spouse every day, but we do a really good job of keeping work at work and home at home.
Kim: Working together all day and then coming home to one another works for us. We enjoy each other’s company, so we keep everything professional, fun, honest – both at work and home.

Trey_KIm1CD: Do you think sticking together all these years (in the workplace) has benefited your professional life? What about your family?

Trey: Working with someone that knows you so well, shares the same life goals and the same vision makes our work life and home life so productive.
Kim: I think being married for a long time these days is RARE! Working together makes us a stronger couple, because we respect each other.

CD: Speaking of family, tell us about your daughter. We hear she’s a great golfer.

Trey: She is an accomplished junior golfer, but I am more impressed with how she’s growing up a great young woman. Golf has given her discipline, drive, and leadership skills that will take her far in life.
Kim: Lauryn is 15, and she started playing golf with her dad around the age of 9. She began playing competitively on the Jr. PGA tour when she was 10. Currently she plays for Heritage High School, NTPGA, and TJGT tours. Her lowest round in a tournament was when she shot a 65 in the Texas/Oklahoma Jr. Golf Championship, giving her the win. Lauryn’s dream is to play for Stanford University.

CD: Did she get her love of golf from you? What’s your handicap?

Kim: Trey taught her everything she knows about golf. I don’t play much, but I love the game! I attend all of her tournaments and support her every way I can.

CD: Aside from golf, what else does your family like to do for fun? What do you do when you get together nowadays?

Kim: We think family is very important. Outside of golf, we love spending time with family members and going on vacations together.

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