Downtown Dallas Inc. Wants Your Input to Update the 360 Plan

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By Amanda Popken
Special Contributor

It’s been 4 years since the Downtown360 plan was created, and so much has changed! It’s time for an update. This week, Downtown Dallas Inc. held the kickoff meeting to begin soliciting input. The input phase will last through October, then the technical studies, microplans, and implementation plans phase will continue through May of 2016. We should have an updated plan by next summer.

If you’d like to give your two cents, keep checking the calendar (be patient – the project website just launched so it’s not fully updated and bug-free yet), or just join DDI’s email newsletter list.

You might already know that Downtown Dallas Inc. manages the Public Improvement District for downtown Dallas. That gives them funding to support the district with things like marketing, security, events, and even bigger substantial changes (like purchasing city rights-of-way.) But they really see their role as more than just a leader in downtown, but the connecting force between all the neighborhoods surrounding downtown. These nine neighborhoods, plus the seven in downtown proper, make up the 16 ‘hoods in the 360 plan. So if you live in, work in, or care about any of these places, you’re invited to participate.

The 360 Plan update is dovetailing the Arts District plan re-vamp, and surely DART is paying attention as they continue planning for the D2, which is the second train track alignment in downtown.

Once again, MIG is leading the planning process — they created the original Downtown 360 Plan. At the kick-off meeting, MIG staff heard a number of insights from attendees, reflected in the beautiful drawing below.

drawing it

Then we all got drunk on free drink tickets and dreamed up lovely things to put on the recommendation boards for each neighborhood. No guarantees the other neighborhood input meetings will include free drink cards, BUT you could actually offer to host your own! Just email or call the Community Engagement Coordinator at the City Design Studio, Chalonda Jackson-Mangwiro – she’s coordinating the public meetings.

IdeasSo please please come give Downtown Dallas Inc. you best thoughts and opinions so we can have a great city center.


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Amanda Popken

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  1. rtizzle fo shizzle says

    heres my advice… historic buildings, stop letting cvs and sams/wal mart to build in uptown..uptown is supposed to be urban, stick to the plan.

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