AIA Dallas Issues Statement on ‘Dream Team’ Charrette, Says City Council Shouldn’t Support Trinity Tollroad

Let's just say that this rendering of the Trinity Tollway is never, ever going to happen. It's going to be bigger, uglier, and it's going to need more elevated feeders. One of those, the Jefferson Memorial , might completely cut off West Dallas from North Oak Cliff.

Could we actually end up with a Trinity parkway that doesn’t completely obliterate the park that Dallas so desperately wants?

Perhaps we could actually end up with the winding, picturesque, four-lane parkway that was in the original Balanced Vision Plan for the Trinity River? At least, that is what could happen if Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas City Council actually listen to the groundswell of opposition against the proposed Trinity Tollroad alignment that would make the road a mammoth elevated highway reliever.

But even Rawling’s own Trinity “Dream Team” is against that idea. Passionately so, it seems, as Larry Beasley pretty much destroyed the existing plans for the NTTA-managed tollway plans at the Trinity Commons Foundation luncheon.

And now the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects is giving Beasley a proverbial “AMEN!” from the pews. Jump for the full statement.

AIA Dallas Dream Team Vision Statement