Get Your Oral Fixation This Monday Evening, Starring CandysDirt for The Writing on the Wall


I’ve always been terrifically orally fixated, but you need to know that Oral Fixation is a live story-telling series in Dallas. It’s like This American Life on NPR, but the show is live and starring regular Dallas citizens! Each session is a series of TRUE, personal stories, each with a theme, performed by a cross-section of seven Dallasites. The program was created and is beautifully managed by Nicole Stewart, who helps each participant conceive and grow their story to tell. She gets hundreds of submissions, and the stories are most compelling!

I’m up Monday night, March 16 at 8 p.m., at the Wyly Studio Theater, 2400 Flora Street. Show #2 is Wednesday, March 25th at The Texas Theater, 231 West Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas. Call Come hear seven great tales about the Writing on the Wall… including my own! Call 214.871.5000 for the Wyly performance. I so hope y’all can come!



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