As California Transplants to Texas, This Bluffview Transitional May Be The Last Well-Behaved Child in Town!

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IHOTW 4222-Manning-ext

I know it’s January, but this stunning home (and our much, much improved weather) reminds me that our lawns will be green once again. That, plus I happen to be in California, where all the homes look like 4442 Manning Drive Lane.

Also 65 and sunny!

For the life of me, I am trying to analyze just how you obtain this Santa Barbara sophistication — the warmth, the sleekness, the all around sophistication and good taste that seems so effortless.

Just like the women out here.

This home has an added plus: Dallas landscape architect Robert Bellamy landscaped the entire .41 acre acre lot for complete and pristine privacy.

4222 Manning foyer

4222 Manning dining

4222 Manning living room

Built in 1996, the home is really timeless. I think that’s due to the clean lines and wide window spans that bring in so much light. The entry is a two-story tribute to a grand entrance, the light flowing in through arched doorways to the adjoining rooms.

Let’s dissect this California sensibility, shall we? Though the home was built in 1996 — the thought of what hair style I was wearing, and the shoulder pads du jour, just makes me cringe — the architect went easy on the moldings. Smooth, rounded corners, gentle archways, sensible moldings and a toned-down cast stone fireplace that doesn’t jump out at you and pout, like a screaming child, I AM A FIREPLACE PAY SOME ATTENTION TO ME!

That is what some of these columns and ornate gooblies do, don’t they?

Couple that with dark hardwood floors, and I am feeling a California state of mind coming on. In fact, this home reminds me of the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, one of the finest spas I have ever enjoyed, in Sonoma, California.


4222 Manning Lane family 2

4222 Manning breakfast

4222 Manning kitchen1

I’m here to tell you this is a nicely-sized home, too. What is with this 8,000 square foot trend? Try 5925 square feet that accommodates formals, four bedrooms, five full and one-half bath, including a downstairs master with one of the bigger master spa  baths in Texas. I mean, it’s not “Deion Sanders’ sized”, but then who needs a master bath that a family of seven can live in?

4222 Manning kitchen3

Lets talk about another aspect of this home that makes it so timeless: the jewelry. I mean, the fixtures. Look at the lights: clean and clear, like the foyer, or a series of pendulums, or a simple chandelier embedded into a line of beams, like in the family room.

How do they do it? Make a whole dang house look as effortless as a sweater set? I see this house resonating big time with a Cali transplant to Texas. And believe me, they are coming.

Speaking of effortless, I know a local Dallas bank that makes the entire mortgage process as effortless as a sweater set: Inwood Mortgage, from the folks at Inwood Bank. 4442 Manning is listed with Susie and Pete Ryan at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s who have it listed for $1,995,000. That’s right, under two million.

Don’t touch that dial — but do give the good folks at Inwood a call. Because you never know when interest rates will be back in style.

Just like sweater sets. 4222 Manning master

4222 Manning office2

4222 Manning office

4222 Manning master tub

4222 Manning masterbath2

4222 Manning pool

4222 manning  pool rear yard

4222 Manning pool2




Candy Evans

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  1. Rajiv Roy says

    Loved your description of Eduardo’s house. My new favorite phrase “mill-work cluster wuster “. 🙂

    May I point out a minor error. You said Manning Drive in this article. You meant Manning Lane. Manning drive is in Colleyvile. Manning Lane is in Dallas.

    Another question, what exactly is the Bluffview area defined by? What would you say were the rough bounding streets? Thanks in advance.

  2. DGirl says

    This house is in Preston Hollow, not Bluffview.

    Bluffview is bordered by Northwest Hwy, Inwood, Lovers, and Lemmon. It definitely doesn’t stretch north of Northwest Hwy.

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