Some Fancy Architectural Digs Up in The Hood of Glen Abbey: Won’t You Be Tony Romo’s Neighbor?

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40 Braewood extYou know how we told you that Tony Romo is building a giant, and I do mean giant, home up in Glen Abbey?  Surely you are caught up on all this. That story ran last April — the home must be nearing completion.

The new Romo home is next door to Peter Shaddock, a well-known, highly respected Dallas builder and architect with excellent tastes. In fact, you could say Peter is a Home Connoisseur. We need him on this blog!

Romo’s lot, appraised at $3,272,550 just for the dirt,  had been started by an oil man who just abandoned it. Word it Peter Shaddock is such a perfectionist he spent his own money to clean up the oil baron’s lot so it would be pretty to look at before Tony even started building.

Well, how’d you like to be his neighbor AND own a dramatic, architecturally significant, award-winning house to boot?

Here is it: 40 Braewood Place.The AIA, Dallas Chapter, gave architects Oglesby-Greene the honor of being crowned the Architectural Firm of the Year for this house. Here’s a good example of why: the firm designed a striking modern home on an incredible site overlooking a bluff, creek and nature area. In fact, looking out these windows, you think you are in Austin or the Hill Country, not Dallas.

(Except: there ARE parts of Dallas that rival Austin, small sleeper areas.)

Walls of glass, stone, wood, and steel compose the materials. The bluffs, gardens and trees compose the views. And the home features one of the most beautiful infinity pools I have seen in a residential setting.

Where is this? Up in Glen Abbey, north of Keller Springs Road, north of Beltline. Gated community. The home was built on 1.05 acres in 2008 with five bedrooms and eight full baths. The kitchen is sleek but decked out with all the latest and greatest in cooking technology and gadgetry. Catch the infinity pool and catch your breath. Sweepingly open spaces, the house still offers public and private spaces inside and outside. The garden and trees compose the views. Extraordinary kitchen, public and private spaces inside and outside this home and clean, clean materials: glass, stone, wood, and steel. Almost like the four elements.

Of course, there is some bad news: living in Glen Abbey and a few blocks from Tony Romo will cost you bigtime: $8,975,000 is asking price, Douglas Newby is the listing agent.

But just think — once Tony moves in, the price could jump upward north of $9 million!40 Braewood sun

40 Braewood dining

40 Braewood pool

40 Braewood hall
40 Braewood hall3

40 Braewood entrance

40 Braewood kitchen

40 Braewood kitchen 2

40 Braewood master bath 40 Braewood breakfast 40 Braewood office 40 Braewood pooltable 40 Braewood master bath1 40 Braewood water wall 40 Braewood wine cellar 40 Braewood master tub 40 Braewood arbor


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