Is This the Foundation for Tony Romo’s House Up There in Glen Abbey?

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Update: I have confirmed that this is indeed Tony Romo’s foundation. The building site has a huge fence around it, so likely this will be the last photo we shall see. (Cough cough.)  Also, Tom Weber is the architect, Robbie Fusch is the architect of record for Glen Abbey, truly one of the most beautiful developments in Dallas.

Is this Tony Romo’s foundation to his new home in Glen Abbey? To tell the truth, we are not sure. This photo was tweeted by

 ‏@Matt_Mendoza15, who claims this is the launching pad for the new Romo estate. The Romo house WILL have a huge basement, I hear.

It makes sense. Why? Because I know Tony is building a 30,000-plus-square-foot home, all under one roof, at 18 Ash Bluff Court. He has a 3.339 acre creek lot. I’ve heard the architects are Robbie Fusch and Tom Weber, and Mark Molthan is the contractor. The house plans call for a full basement, so this could be it.

The new Romo home is next door to Peter Shaddock, a well-known, highly respected Dallas builder and architect with excellent tastes. In fact, you could say Peter is a Home Connoisseur. We need him on this blog!

The lot, appraised at $3,272,550 just for the dirt,  had been started by an oil man who just abandoned it. Word it Peter Shaddock is such a perfectionist he spent his own money to clean up the oil baron’s lot so it would be pretty to look at before Tony even started building.

Also heard he is more than delighted to have The Romo’s as his neighbor.Glen-Abbey




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  1. mac says

    I don’t know what all the fuzz is about I built most of those houses I’m glen abbey in the 90’s and work for peter s haddock as well he really isn’t that great of a builder if u want the best builders ur looking at steve roberts and Bob Thomson. the way those houses in glen abbey were mostly built by hawkins, welwood

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