Surprise! The Most-Read Post on CandysDirt Had Nothing to Do With Deion Sanders …

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Kathryn Roan's post busting the Top 10 Realtor Myths was the most-read article on True or False: All Realtors post in bikinis for their billboard ads?
Kathryn Roan’s post busting the Top 10 Realtor Myths was the most-read article on True or False: All Realtors post in bikinis for their billboard ads?

… and had everything to do with busting the myths surrounding Realtors.

It was Kathryn Donovan Roan’s post on the top 10 Realtor myths that was commented on and shared the most, generating 51,267 pageviews. In the post, Roan de-bunked some of the more insidious and commonplace assumptions about Realtors, including how they make commission, how they are licensed, and much more.

“I am amazed how many times ‘Top 10 Myths’ was shared, even on other blogs and Facebook groups,” Roan said. “It just goes to show you how prevalent these misconceptions are, no matter the market. I hope, also, that it helps people understand how hard the business really is – how risky, and with no guarantees.”

It’s true! Even with how much home prices are on the rise and how high demand is in Dallas and beyond, nothing is ever certain in real estate. It takes someone who is methodical, consistent, and very savvy to make real money in this industry.

Our other hot posts for 2014 were:

2) Behind the (Pearly) Gates at 1280 North Preston Road, Former Prosper Pad of Deion Sanders

This was Candy’s insider look at Deion’s pad right after it was purchased by an investor. It got 32,617 views and several comments about Deion’s taste when it comes to interior design.

Deion-Sanders-19.jpg-Candy-bed (2)

3) Deion Sanders Former 29,000 Square Foot Estate Auctioned Last Night In Prosper for … Just Under $4 Million

Candy got the dirt from Concierge Auctions after the event, finding that the buyer of the home was a “person of the arts” and had the winning bid of just under $4 million. We would later find out that the buyer “couldn’t perform” and the home is now back on the market. It got 21,123 views.


Photo: Shoot2Sell
Photo: Shoot2Sell

4) Monday Morning Millionaire: The Most Talked-About Big House in North Dallas Drops $700,000

We already talked about this incredible estate and its very savvy owners. There is so much to love about this home at Inwood and Royal. It is so luxurious, with a huge 1.74 acre lot and more than 10,500 square feet inside. Beautiful! It garnered 20,569 views.

10770Inwood131L.jpg (1)


5) AA Merger Magic for Our Real Estate Market: US Air Exec Snaps up Sharif & Munir Mansion on Strait Lane

Things got a little ugly after we posted this incredible Strait Lane mansion on the blog. It was bought up by a U.S. Air executive right after the airline’s merger with American. We ended up having to delete some comments and remove someone’s name. This post received 10,963 views, though, and it still a gorgeous home.





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