Cowhide Accents, Gold Fixtures, Midcentury Style Named Among Top 2015 Trends

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2015 trends
Wallpapers, blue pops of color, and subtle midcentury modern accents are all on Zillow Digs’ trend forecast for 2015. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/S + H Construction

Style makers, movers, and shakers, 2015 is going to be a beautiful year, one that is “modern, yet approachable.”

At least, it is according to Zillow Digs, which has announced the top five 2015 trends in their annual Home Trend Forecast, as well as which four fads from 2014 are on their way to the style graveyard.

The top 2015 trends will include cowhide accents in unexpected places, gold fixtures in brighter tones than the past, and wallpaper in all sorts of new styles, textures, and colors.

Style losers include chevron patterns, matchy-match furniture, and the super-saturated colors that have dominated interior palettes for the past few years.

“Home design will embark on a dramatic shift in 2015, moving far away from the bright jewel tones and overused chevron and ikat patterns that took 2014 by storm,” said Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs design expert. “Unexpected textures and an eclectic, modern vibe are about to find their way in 2015. Expect to see a more sophisticated look in 2015 that incorporates gold hardware, natural textures, and a subtle midcentury modern undertone.”

The forecast combines data from a survey of leading interior designers and an analysis of the most popular photos on Zillow Digs. Let’s take a look at  these burgeoning 2015 trends, and those on the way out. Click through to see the lists!


Style trend No. 1: Gold fixtures 

Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/Lukas Machnik
The gold fixtures we see in 2015 will be brighter than the ones many of us often (painfully) remember from the 80s and 90s. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/Lukas Machnik

If you’re like me, the brassy gold fixtures of the past are the things of nightmares, not dreams. But the design experts at Zillow Digs say this retro statement hardware color will be reincarnated in 2015 with better style, meaning more shine, sleeker lines, and sometimes as part of a “mix-and-match” metal scheme in hardware. Sounds promising.


Style trend No. 2Midcentury modern accents  

Midcentury Modern will be one of the biggest up-and-coming design styles for 2015, but should be used for accents, not as the overall style. Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs.
Midcentury Modern will be one of the biggest up-and-coming design trends for 2015, but should be used for accents. Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs.

I am a superfan of midcentury modern, but when it takes over an entire design aesthetic, the result can be pretty sterile and uninspiring. So I’m thrilled to see that the 2015 trend forecast calls for midcentury accents and elements to be carefully integrated into an overall style. It looks like we’ll be seeing this trend in everything from architecture to furniture.


Style trend No. 3 Wallpaper

Wallpaper is coming back in a big way, like the textured wallpaper pictured above. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/ErrienneMikel
Textured wallpaper, like that pictured above, is one of the big trends of 2015. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/ErrienneMikel

Here’s another throwback design style that’s making its way back in a new form, from digital prints to textured wall coverings. “Wallpaper is coming back in a big way,” says Zillow Digs designer Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors in Nashville. We’ll be seeing a lot of textural wallpaper, in particular.


Style trend No. 4Blue accent colors

We'll be seeing more blue as an accent color, like on the back walls of these kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs.
We’ll be seeing more pops of blue in the designs of 2015. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/ewa mari.

Blue is always in my design playbook, but in 2015, it’s a particularly fine choice because it works so well with Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. “Pops of indigo blue or deep navy will become a staple in home design this year, as their deep natural hues become extra vibrant against warm earth tones like Marsala,” said Kelly.


Style trend No. 5 Cowhide 

Cowhide will be showing up in home accents in 2015, like the bar stools pictured above. Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs/Inside Style
Cowhide will be showing up in home accents in 2015, like the bar stools pictured above. Photo courtesy of Zillow Digs/Inside Style.

Since we’re in Texas, the use of a cowhide rug in interior design is nothing new. But this 2015 trend will see cowhide in unexpected accent pieces, like the bar chairs pictured above, throw blankets, or even framed as art.


Now let take a look at the 2014 blockbuster trends that are fading fast.


Fading fad No. 1: Chevron

Chevron prints became one of the most overused trends in 2014, and overkill destined it for the dustbin. Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/Jared Epps.

I have to admit, there’s a lot of chevron in my personal design scheme. It’s a playful pattern and offers fun movement. But I’m also the first to admit, it’s EVERYWHERE: When it shows up as a style trend for dog food bowls, you know it’s overdone.


Fading fad No. 2: Bright colors

Personally, I love bright colors, but the folks at Zillow Digs say it's out in 2015. I'd rather see the ubiquitous plaster/animal animal horns go away.
Photo courtesy Zillow Digs

Personally, I love bright colors, but the folks at Zillow Digs say they’re “not built to last” and are out in 2015 (I’d rather see the ubiquitous plaster/animal heads go away).“It’s hard to work with such saturated colors,” says Zillow Digs designer Jamie Herzlinger.


Fading fad No. 3: Matching furniture

Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/House & Homes Palm Springs
Photo courtesy Zillow Digs/House & Homes Palm Springs

Matchy-match furniture usually looks boring to me, and a little too “perfect.” The style gurus at Zillow Digs say that eclectic, multi-era decor is here to stay, and polished, matching furniture should be mixed up with different pieces.


Failed fad No. 4: Solid painted accent walls 

Photo courtesy Zillow Digs.
Photo courtesy Zillow Digs

The era of the painted accent wall, especially in bold reds, is coming to an end as designers focus more on textured wall coverings and wallpaper in 2015.

What’s on your personal style watch list for 2015? Do you agree with these predictions? Comment and let us know!


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