Take a Look at the New Look for Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

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See those beautiful new white and very bright yard signs dotting the lawns of North Dallas, Preston Hollow, Park Cities, Lakewood, Uptown and Kessler Park? They are the new look of Dave Perry-Miller (& Associates) Real Estate. Today is the unveiling of Dave’s brand new re-branding courtesy of the Richards Group.

“Just like you need to update your house and refresh it from time to time, we decided to update our look here at Dave Perry-Miller,” says the name brand himself, Dave Perry-Miller. “We really wanted something more streamlined and crisp, very much in keeping with what our homeowners are wanting.”

New name (Dave Perry-Miller & Associates REAL ESTATE), logo, new sign, new business cards, new tag lines (“Properties of distinction, agents for life”)  and ad campaign. A streamlined, elegant version of the original Corinthian capital still carries the equity of the Dave Perry-Miller brand, but has been paired with updated fonts and a sophisticated color palette of French blue, bronze, and white. Like an elegant estate that has kept the bones and character of the home, this remodeling tweaked surfaces but maintained the good bones and structure that came with the house.

Dave says Stan Richards himself, owner of The Richards Group, the largest independent advertising agency in the world,  sat down with him and personally brainstormed the changes with Dave and company. The new look was revealed yesterday to every Dave Perry-Miller agent at the company’s annual retreat at the Dallas Arboretum.

Of course, Richards was already familiar with the brand having driven by the signs for years because he lives in Dallas. He also personally watched Dave Perry-Miller grow from a boutique firm to the top luxury brand of Ebby Halliday. The Richards Group has helped re-brand a host of international and local companies, from the Home Depot, Chick Filet, to Sewell Automotive.

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“This is not their first shot at re-branding,” said Dave. “But we wanted the same company that creates a two minute, $16 million dollar Super Bowl ad for its clients to be working for our clients, too.”

But why, I had to ask, would a company that has closed $1.8 billion fiscal year 2014 go all out and change — were they not doing something right already?

“A lot of this came at the request of our agents, ” says Dave, “and we listened, as we continue to listen to them each and every day.”

It did help, though, that Ron Burgert, chief financial officer of the Ebby Halliday Companies, wrote the check, Dave joked.

Dave & Ron

When you see a white hot real estate market, white-hot agent competition is not far behind. North Texas has become one of the most competitive markets for brokers recruiting agents, including top agents. That’s why brokers beef up their marketing packages, re-tool, and arm agents with the necessary arsenal to compete for selling dirt.

Of course, principals at The Richards Group also had some personal experience with the Dave Perry-Miller brand long before Dave ever picked up the phone. Dave Kroencke, a brand managing principle at the firm, has had direct experience with the Dave Perry-Miller DNA. Jennifer Miller, a top producer with DMP, has handled a number of this Dave’s personal real estate transactions for years.

“I’m sure he was kidding,” says Dave, “But Stan Richards told me that he hopes as he drives around Dallas next year, our’s might be the ONLY sign he would see.”

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