Cattle Barons Ball This Year Had Some Hot Real Estate…INSIDE Some Hot Real Estate

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Kenny Chesney Dallas Cattle Barons Ball

I was lucky enough to attend Cattle Baron’s this year, Saturday night, my date for the night being the beautiful frauline Bernadette Schaeffler. We had a blast! We had a ball! We saw so many people I lost track of my iphone pics as the night wore on and the Vodka and water flowed. (And flowed!) As you always should, check out Cynthia Smoot’s take on the night — I say it was right on. Also, her date was Jane McGarry! Personally, I liked being indoors at Gilleys, the big location change this year after way too many years of mudslides and mudpies at Cattle Baron’s on-the-ranch.

Of course, the first year you have it inside, the weather is stunning!

Bernadette and Candy Cattle Barons 2014

Candy at cattle barons 2014

Cattle Barons ferris wheelPlus Gilley’s was so much closer to home. It was big and sprawling, and maybe harder to run into everyone, but I’ll take seeing fewer peeps over less mud and skeeters. If you were there and we missed you, oh so sorry, call, and let’s have lunch! Did anyone get on the Ferris Wheel? That was such a fun touch!

2014 Co-Chairs Cindy Stager and Jill Tananbaum: you ROCK! Best party ever and everything was PERFECT.  Cynthia’s right — we were never more than 5 seconds from the bar, a bar, any bar and there were NO LINES!

And no, I really did not eat everything on my plate. PS: I know my hat is dorky, but it was signed by Willie Rogers himself (after we kissed!!!) at the Buckeroo Ball in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the late 1990’s. I love me some Willie, and I love me some Kenny Chesney!

Oh! The Real Estate: one of the top sponsors this year was the Beaches of South Walton (County), as in the folks who bring us Watercolor, Alys Beach, Seaside and Rosemary Beach in Florida. Greatest second home real estate in the country if you love sugar sand beaches. Smart. too, because it’s all one non-stop away on Southwest, or will be soon. My friend Karen Wagner is right there selling some of the most gorgeous homes in South Walton… must bring HER up to Cattle Barons NEXT year!




Cattle Barons Ball 2014

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