Crime in Preston Hollow: Homeowner and His Alarm System Scare Off Intruders

A Preston Hollow homeowner scares off would-be intruders.

A Preston Hollow homeowner scares off would-be intruders.

Great report other night on Fox 4 News about a Preston Hollow resident whose home was invaded by a trio in the middle of the night. His security cameras caught the guys, but they hid their faces. What I want to know is, how long before we can get rentina scan technology in home security cameras? I’ve heard about a lot of “cat burglaries” in parts of Preston Hollow recently. Watch the guy checking out the BBQ grill. Maybe he wants a steak?

Keep the alarms on, folks, and lock up.

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  • would be helpful to know where in Preston Hollow considering how the boundaries have been stretched beyond the historical boundaries.

  • mm

    Dr. Pinto lives in the 6400 block of Orchid Lane. So Preston Hollow east of Preston. This jives with what I’ve been reading on the neighborhood blogs.

  • Get a gun, learn to use it safely. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  • I suggest that much could be gained by pooling all available video clips and data on home breakins in the DFW
    Region to determine patterns and commonality among the events.

    There is a decided lack of failure to communicate horizontally among different jurisdictions and non-police centers of excellence in problem solving.

    There may be a place in the world for hierarchical organizations. but that organizational structure impairs solving crimes. All the perps have to do is to cross jurisdictional lines to have impunity.

    We need to address crimes on a Regional basis if we ever hope to deter criminals.

  • Damn that look like Cali and his drug dealer David!!!!!