Friday Four Hundred: You Won’t Believe The Insides of This Cool Cottage in Lakewood Lite

6118 Ellsworth Front

There is an incredible misconception of just exactly where Lakewood is. Most people assume that, if it’s west of White Rock Lake and south of Northwest Highway, then you’re in Lakewood. No, not really, guys. Those areas, I sometimes refer to as Lakewood Lite. They are close to the lake, but are too far west or north to be inside Lakewood proper.

The more you know, and all that.

Of course, you’re wondering what the point of all this talk of Lakewood is going, and let me tell you that there is this incredible house at 6118 Ellsworth Avenue in the Hal Moseley neighborhood. While it’s not in Lakewood, but instead closer to Wilshire Heights, don’t let that make you think this is some piddly little house. This is a truly amazing property. Like, epic-level cool, guys. And it’s so interesting and it’s close to Wilshire Heights, so it feeds into Stonewall Jackson Elementary, and did I mention that it’s cool? It’s so cool.

6118 Ellsworth Living

6118 Ellsworth Living 2

Why does this home get so many cool points? Well, it has some of the most interesting interiors I’ve ever seen, including a garage that’s been converted into a media room, with a studio and half bath above it. The backyard is a lush shade garden with a winding stone path, and inside you’ve got so many incredible built-ins that it’s practically a library. Well, technically it has one of those, too.

This three-bedroom, two-bath phenomenon with more than 1,700 square feet is listed by broker David Bush for $425,000. All things considered, I feel that it’s a fantastic price.

6118 Ellsworth Dining

We’re book collectors (among other things) here at our house, and I know that the moment my husband sees these cool floor-to-ceiling bookcases he’s going to do his best auctioneer impression and say “SOLD!” In fact, I know so many people who are going to go ga-ga over these bookcases that I’m sure this home, which has only been on the market for four days, will go fast.

The decor and finish-out is eclectic, with Mission and traditional elements mixing with modern and contemporary fixtures. The kitchen, however, is all modern. Stainless steel appliances, fresh white cabinets, and Silestone counters make this a fantastic place for preparing meals. You’ll love how open it is, too.

6118 Ellsworth Kitchen

6118 Ellsworth Kitchen 2

There’s also a sunroom that is a fantastic little solarium, and one of the three bedrooms has been converted to a library. Yes, a library. More bookcases, and one of the coolest tin ceilings I’ve ever seen. This home is not short on personality, I’ll give it that. Interestingly enough, there wasn’t one photo in the listing gallery of the two baths in the house. I don’t know whether to write that off as them not being as cool or impressive as the rest of the home, or that they are in a desperate way …

6118 Ellsworth Sunroom

6118 Ellsworth Library

6118 Ellsworth Master

If you work from home, you’ll just adore the studio above the media room/garage. It has a huge built-in desk and plenty of light. The tile floors will make for easy cleanup. And of course, you’ll want to take a break in the backyard, which has an awesome deck and shady spots for chilling out this summer.

6118 Ellsworth Office

6118 Ellsworth media

6118 Ellsworth Backyard

6118 Ellsworth Deck 2

What do you love the most about this amazing home? Me? That you can get so very much for just $425,000!


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