Lock Your Doors, Preston Hollow! DPD is Searching For Man After 6 Hour Standoff

CBS 11 News

CBS 11 News

Seriously, some boomerang kids are probably better off with roommates instead of trying to move back in with their parents. Sure, not paying rent and having your mom fold your laundry sounds good at first, but some might chafe under the house rules.

In this case, that’s an understatement.

A 25-year-old man was discussing the rules of the house, conditions to moving back into his parents’ Royalton Drive home, when he got irate and pulled a gun on his mother, father, and 21-year-old brother. Here’s the Dallas Morning News account:

A six-hour police standoff began Tuesday night when a 25-year-old man pulled a gun on his family after he was told he would have to follow certain rules if he moved back into his parents’ house, according to police reports.

The man started yelling at his parents and pulled out a handgun after they told him the rules he would have to follow. His 21-year-old brother stood between the man and their parents, police said.

The brother and both parents were able to flee the house and called police from a nearby Starbucks at the corner of Preston Road and Royal Lane. The man fled the home before police arrived, but officers believed he remained barricaded inside.

Talk about over-reacting! Still, if you live in the Preston and Royal area, you might want to make sure your alarm system is armed!


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