Don’t Place a Personal For Your Home! Find Your Dreamy Digs With App That Merges Internet Dating WIth Real Estate Data

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You know, searching for the right home is a lot like looking for Mr./Mrs. Right these days. You’re browsing through listings on the web, looking for that one profile and photo that really clicks. But what if you just happen to be in a neighborhood you love and want to see what’s on the market nearby? Just like groundbreaking GPS dating app Tinder,’s Doorsteps Swipe app helps you connect with the right property using GPS and real estate data from

“Doorsteps Swipe was created to get soon-to-be first-time buyers comfortable with the process of searching for a home and help them discover what they truly want through a simple, entertaining and easy interface,” said Doorsteps founder Michele Serro. “This type of instantaneousness in mobile can help eliminate the endless search for a home with the perfect profile. The online home search for someone very early in their search is more fun when there’s a whole lot less to decide. The homes each user collects might not necessarily represent the homes they will actually buy, but rather the ones that will help them make the best decision for tomorrow.”

Brilliant idea! And a gorgeous interface, too. I love how you can easily view a home without having to click and move across a map. The pictures are large and you can tell whether or not a home is going to work for you quickly and easily. It’s almost exactly like internet dating, in fact. This is just the kind of tool the Millennial homebuyer is going to love: It’s mobile, it’s highly visual with a clean design, and it requires very little effort to use. Here’s how it works:

Upon entering Doorsteps Swipe, the app gives users the option to browse active listings from® in the immediate surrounding area or manually insert up to three areas. The app also offers a “surprise me” option if users are not sure where they would like to look.
doorstepsswipe_home doorstepsswipe_save
The user initially only has a photo and street address of a home to decide if they want to learn more. If they like what they see, they can give the photo a thumbs up, or pass to the right, indicating a “like” and it goes into a log for future viewing with the option to inquire further about that listing or share it. If they do not like what they see, they can give the photo a thumbs down, or pass to the left.
After a couple of passes, the app will provide feedback and supply the user with a better overarching sense of what they like and dislike in a home based upon their behavior. Current Doorsteps users also have the opportunity to connect their Doorsteps Swipe account with their Doorstepsaccount to allow for an overall improved experience.
The Doorsteps Swipe App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

So, does this sound like a tool your client would use? Or would you prefer they had a little more data before deciding whether a home is their dream date or a dud?


Joanna England

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