If Joan Crawford Were Alive, She Would Scream NO MORE STRING, GET ATTIC EASE!

Attic ease stringFolks, really, we are living in the 21st century. We have cell phones and everything is automated, from your pool control temp to auto-drive cars. When LBJ Expressway is finished, it will even feature an automated toll road pricing scheme designed to minimize traffic congestion: tolls will be pricier as traffic density increases, drivers will be alerted, thereby financially encouraging drivers to get off and reduce traffic. It’s all pretty amazing.

So why, I ask, do we still walk into million dollar homes and see friggin’ strings hanging in the hallway, pull down ropes for the home’s attic? Hello, there is a much better way to do this: Attic Ease. Attic Ease kits provide a solution to that ubiquitous problem of “ugly dangling attic cords.” Attic Ease™ kits provide a simple, efficient and fashionable system for accessing and staging recessed residential attic stairways that exist in practically every home in the world. Builders are still putting the darn string things in hundreds of thousands of homes every year.

Attic Ease™ turns an existing eyesore into an attractive feature that every homeowner/renter will be and is proud to have within their homes.

As Joan Crawford would say, if she were here, NO MORE ATTIC STRINGS!attic ease hook

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