Treasure Trove Estate Sale of Stanley Marcus’ Personal Secretary is on Today And Tomorrow

Snavely Estate 5

I call dibs on the couches! Look at those beauties!

Seriously, this is a not-to-be-missed estate sale in Northwood Hills, folks. Just from glancing at the photos on the Janelle Stone Estate Services website, I can see that there are tons of great antiques and furnishings on offer in the estate of Alice Snavely, personal secretary of Neiman Marcus founder Stanley Marcus.

Snavely Estate 3 Snavely Estate 2

I guess good taste is a prerequisite when you work for one of the best-known luxury retailers in the world. Antiques and jewelry whose designs span the globe, with a significant stop in Southeast Asia with all of the gilded Thai Buddhist figures, there are just tons of fabulous finds in this estate. As Janelle Stone put it, “The quality and quantity are unequaled. She only bought the best of the best. Neiman’s was her playground.” You can tell. This incredible woman, who was loyal and driven and trusted, has some of the most beautiful things. She will certainly be missed!

Alice SnavelyThe furnishings are high-quality midcentury-modern style couches, chairs, and setees from Baker and Henredon. Gorgeous fabric and upholstery. The lime green ones with the rust-colored piping are just fantastic. I have a serious case of the wantees for those couches, and they’re in immaculate condition. Snavely also had an enviable collection of fabric and clothes. You will have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see the list of what’s on offer. AMAZING!

The home is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today (Friday 1/31) and tomorrow (Saturday 2/1). There will be plenty of security, and the home is not handicap accessible. Bring your own paper and boxes for wrapping up your treasure!


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