Can The Big D Live Small? Austin’s Popularity Forces Rents up, Apartment Sizes Down

Mary Lee Apartment 1

I’ve tried time and again to find tiny, cute apartments in Dallas. Let’s just say that our fair burg hasn’t jumped on the “living small” trend nearly as eagerly as Austin, where home prices and rents are sky high.

But young folks are finding a way to live close to downtown, and it’s tiny. Micro, even, according to this piece by KEYE TV Austin. It features an apartment renovated by Mary Lee, previously featured on Apartment Therapy. It’s a humble 300 square feet and is super stylish without being huge.

Mary Lee Apartment 3

This is a fantastic example of a well-curated small living space that doesn’t feel small. There’s room to live, work, and even a bathtub. You really don’t sacrifice anything in this space, which has a gas range and a refrigerator, with tons of storage. The only thing the kitchen lacks is a dishwasher, but really, do you need  a dishwasher? You’ve got hands, right?

Mary Lee Apartment 5

People who choose to live small ask themselves this question all the time. “Do I really need a dining table? Or does a breakfast bar work just fine?” “Do I really need a bed? Or will a cool futon or convertible couch do the job?”

Mary Lee Apartment 4

Stay tuned for more features on living small in Dallas, including a tour of “A Bed Over My Head” blogger B.A. Norrgard’s tiny home on wheels!

(All photos: Mary Lee/Apartment Therapy)

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