Need Inspiration For a Superbowl-Worthy Home Theater? These Amazing Homes Deliver

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It happens every year: People scramble to buy huge big-screen TVs ahead of the most anticipated football game in America — the Superbowl. Instead of doing that, why don’t you buy one of these amazing homes that already has a home theater with a projector? They are an excellent way to watch America’s biggest game.

Not only are they large and offer amenities like wet bars and plush seating, but home theaters are great investments for year-round enjoyment. Soak up these amazing ideas for your personal theater before the big game on Feb. 2, or just buy one of these listings and negotiate in the great furnishings (and maybe an order or two of hot wings).

2109 S. Hill Drive, Irving

Sure, it’s modest, but you’ve got room to move around considering the layout. Plenty of room for snacks and wings, too.

S. Hill Drive Home Theater

3601 Greenbrier, University Park

Love the color scheme on this one, with the red leather chairs, wood paneling, and red carpet. It’s big and comfortable, with plenty of room for you to squeeze in all your pals.

Greenbrier Home Theater

6401 Harrods Court, Plano

This one is an excellent example of a home theater that, thanks to the single-level seating, can be easily adapted with different furniture. I love the paint, though, as it makes it feel like you’re inside a real $8-for-a-small-popcorn theater.

Harrods Court Home Theater

1 Green Park Drive, Dallas

Slick, modern, and easily adaptable. Love the couch in front of the screen on the first level, too, and the table on the side is a great addition. This is definitely man-cave friendly.

Green Park Home Theater

5716 Arcady Place, Plano

Plenty of wood accents, TONS of seating, cupholders in the armrest — This home theater is perfect for the big game.

Arcady Place Home Theater

149 Old Vineyard Lane, Heath

Besides being an all-around amazing home, this home theater features something that seems pretty much the most genius idea ever. A POWDER ROOM. Never miss a moment of the action, folks, because a bathroom is just a few steps away! We also love the bar set up on this spot, too.

Old Vineyard Home Theater




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