Want to Get Cozy By The Fire? These Homes Have Gorgeous Fireplaces That Will Ignite Your Imagination

So, I’m dealing with a chest cold here in East Dallas, and I really am wishing I had a fireplace by which I could warm up my tootsies. This has lead me on a search for amazing fireplaces in Dallas. Of course, we don’t deal with a ton of cold weather, but having a good fireplace can help give your furnace a break when we get freezing weather like last night and tonight.

Here are a few homes with some amazing fireplaces that I would definitely enjoy, all from homes priced under a million. Know a listing that has a beautiful mantle? Leave it in the comments!

1) 7126 Oakbluff

7126 Oak Bluff Fireplace

This home is incredible, but the fireplace is just a work of art with that stacked stone!

2)2001 N. Buckner

2001 Buckner

You all know the “underground house.” You may not know that it has an incredible fireplace, too!

3) 4339 Northcrest

4339 Northcrest

Talk about drama! Wood and metal on this double-sided fireplace will melt even the harshest critic of modern design.

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