President George W. and Laura Bushes' Holiday Card was Painted by the Former President

GWB Xmas bird cardRecall that last Monday, while hanging out aboard Air Force One en route to Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, George W. Bush “whipped out an iPad and showed off his famous painting skills to Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and other members of the Obama inner circle” — this (and photo) from New York Magazine’s blog.

GWB on Air Force 1

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Most of the comments on that post were pretty negative, of course, and very funny, but I actually think the former prez is a pretty damn good artist. (Regardless of what you think of him as a Chief Executive.)

Got this card in the mail, opened it, and actually thought to myself, what a pretty painting of a cardinal. Then I found out it was from the Bushes, and even more, from a collection GWB painted and, apparently, is being collected.    

GWB xmas 2

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