Why Is Troy Aikman Buying so Many Homes? And Which One Will He Be Living In???

le274e043-m0o3801 NormandyTurns out that Troy closed on author/editor Jane Wolfe’s St. Johns home on August 16. The home, 4300 St. Johns Drive, was built in 1941 and has 6109 square feet. It was extensively remodeled in 1988, and Alan Peppard says Troy paid $4.3 million for the property, which I’m sure made Ms. Wolfe quite happy: DCAD has the home appraised at $3,305,170. This is yet one more home sale NOT in MLS. He bought this one month after he settled into Normandy, and though he is making some alterations on Normandy, word is he will be scraping the Wolfe home and building a new signature creation. Starchitect Larry Boerder designed the house on Highland, and I hear he was very pleased with the results. Before Aikman moved to Highland Park, he and his then-wife Rhonda lived in a Plano home built by Bob Thompson. I also hear that Aikman is the perfect client.

“He says, I’m an athlete, you’re the _____ expert (fill in area of expertise, landscape architect, architect, home builder),” one source recently told me. “Working for him is a true pleasure.”

Is St. Johns for himself or an investment? The new lady in his life? Will he stay on Normandy? Or is he just nesting there until the new home is complete on St. Johns. Or, as some claim, does he plan to get into the development of luxury Park Cities homes? A lot of wealthy Dallas movers and shakers do just that. Recall Kimberly Schlegel Whitman Homes? Al Hill II is a genius when it comes to building or even remodeling luxury homes. Generally, people who have basked in stunning properties all their life make excellent developers.

Developing would be a brilliant idea for Troy: he has a lot of experience building, great taste, fabulous resources, and his brand is stellar. Can you imagine the tag line: “This is a home by Troy Aikman.” Or, “Troy Aikman homes”. No no I’d do “Troy Aikman Luxury Homes” or “Luxury Homes by Troy Aikman.”

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