Lake Highlands Residents Propose Changing the Name of Plano Road

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Lake Highlands Drive Plano Road

To help better define the neighborhood’s boundaries, some Lake Highlands residents are proposing changing the name of Plano Road north of Northwest Highway, where it East Lake Highlands Drive changes to Plano Road.

From Paradise Slaughter Real Estate comes this missive:

In an effort to increase the visibility and definition of Lake Highlands, there is a proposal to rename a segment of ‘Plano Road’ to ‘Lake Highlands Drive’ within the City of Dallas. As you probably know, the name Plano Rd changes to Lake Highlands Drive just south of the L Streets. Two major benefits of the proposal are the elimination of this name change in the Dallas thoroughfare network and the conspicuous identification of the Lake Highlands area on LBJ Freeway.

Lake Highlands Drive is the name of a major arterial street northeast of White Rock Lake. The existing southern limit of ‘Lake Highlands Drive’ is near the lake and winds almost 3 miles through several neighborhoods. The existing northern limit is at Northwest Highway, where the name changes to Plano Road. The proposed name change would add approximately 3 miles to the Lake Highlands drive corridor.

Of course, as we learned from previous name changes (Hello, Industrial Boulevard and South Central Expressway!) the process can be contentious and expensive, however well-intentioned. The area that would changed is lined by several businesses north of Northwest Highway, so there will be some costs associated with those owners changing the address.

To gauge interest, proponents are asking people to fill out a survey. What do you think, readers? Will this increase visibility and help better define Lake Highlands?


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