Overlooking White Rock Lake, Peavy Road Modern Home is Made of Shipping Containers

PV14 Exterior

We’re still waiting for that interview with the homeowners, but until then, we’d like to show you the progress on the Peavy Road home we talked about a few months ago.

We heard rumors from neighbors inside the Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association that there was a home planned for Peavy Road that would be made from several shipping containers. Well, after watching construction and hearing from baffled onlookers, we can confirm — this modern house overlooking White Rock Lake will stand out.

PV14 Crane Lift PV14 Placing Containers

Constructed out of seven 40-foot shipping containers stacked on a steel base, this home is not shy design wise. The crew from Michael Gooden Design and Herman Darden Custom Homes are welding the containers together and using a plasma cutter (you can watch it work in a video on the website) to construct the second floor. It’s starting to take shape, too. My favorite feature of the home? The rooftop deck. Imagine the view from there!

PV14 Site Plan

You can follow the saga of the PV14 house as it’s called on the website, but we hope to hear the story behind the design and its future residents soon.

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