Located in the city’s first residential historic district, the Aldredge House turned 100 years old in 2017. Photo: Preservation Dallas

If you get tickled by a Tudor, find your verve in a Victorian, or go cuckoo for a Colonial, we have the perfect gig for you! Dallas Landmark Commission is looking for volunteers for its Landmark Historic District Task Forces. Sounds very official, right? No word on whether it comes with a badge but, fingers crossed!

According to an announcement by the City, the Task Force offers an opportunity to get involved landmark preservation.

Task Force meetings are an important step in the Certificate of Appropriateness review process that allows the Landmark Commission to gauge neighborhood support for proposed projects. During Task Force meetings, you will review proposed projects and help form a consensus to develop a recommendation for the Landmark Commission. All Task Force positions are volunteer, unpaid positions.

Task Force appointments run two years and attendance at meetings is required. Turn in your application by October 15th. Follow after the jump to see if you qualify, or for instructions on how to apply.


realtorWhen Lee Warren found himself in need of someone to manage his rental properties, he turned to a friend — a licensed Realtor who had hung up her shingle to do just that. 

“I have known her for years — we were friends,” Warren said.

He now says that Ashley Williams Creamer betrayed that friendship by never turning over the rent she collected for him. Several other property owners we talked to also tell similar stories, and even more hint at alleged “near misses.”

Creamer told CBS-11 they would “have to talk to my attorney,” when they asked her about the claims, but her last attorney of record wouldn’t comment.

But at least one body found Warren and others had legitimate claims — the Texas Real Estate Commission, who revoked her real estate license in May, citing her with 68 violations, and assessed her a fine of $122,000.

Five Brokerages in Four Years

In a hearing on May 6, TREC called 10 witnesses, including Warren. The commission’s final order says Creamer did not present any evidence on her behalf. (more…)


As a Dallas ISD school board trustee, Miguel Solis (here shown at a water balloon party at Foster Elementary) has advocated for thousands of children. Now he advocates for one little girl — his daughter, Olivia.

As any parent can tell you, from the first time you discover you’ll be one until well, forever, a huge piece of your heart is never yours alone anymore. And from the first wail in the delivery room — or meeting, in the case of adoption, this phenomenon occurs: that part of your heart is suddenly at its most vulnerable, existing outside your body.

And any parent can tell you, your worst fear is that something will happen that you can’t fix for your child. Dirty diaper? Easily fixed. Forgotten lunch? OK. Shoes that pinch your feet because you’ve had another growth spurt? Let’s go shopping, buddy.

Life-threatening medical emergency? Terrifying. (more…)


Customers of the North Texas Municipal Water District say they have their doubts about the safety of their drinking water (Photo courtesy Pixabay).

The North Texas Municipal Water District insists its water is safe. So do several of the cities it services. But a growing number of customers are saying they are not so sure now.

Emily Franklin is one of those customers. Her family has lived in Anna for almost four years, and she said their water was fine in the beginning.

“Initially we had no problems with our water, in fact, I actually liked it,” she said Friday. “The past two years have been very different though. Our water has smelled and tasted more and more of chlorine.” (more…)

Atmos A new online tool unveiled by Atmos Energy Saturday evening will hopefully make it easier for customers to know when they can call to re-establish service.

Atmos Energy director of governmental and public affairs Steve Matthews said that the “mobile-friendly interactive map” is available on the company’s website and “permits residents impacted by the planned outage to input their address and see if their home is ready for service reconnection.”

“The app is available both in Spanish and English,” he said. (more…)

atmosAs Atmos Energy crews began the process of replacing aging pipe in an area where 2,800 homes are without gas service after a massive shut down that followed days after a fatal home explosion, Friday was quiet in comparison to the chaotic days prior.

According to city officials, after Thursday night’s debacle at both the Walnut Hill Recreation Center and Bachman Recreation Center that left hundreds waiting in line for hours late into the night to receive assistance from the company, things seemed to have evened out the day after. (more…)


Jatsive Hernandez shows where a pipe in the backyard of her Midway Hollow home failed this week, resulting in a gas leak that sent her family to a hotel overnight (Photo by Bethany Erickson).

A day after Atmos Energy representatives sought to reassure the public that the unprecedented move of turning off gas service to 2,800 homes after a home explosion last week was going as planned, those in the shutdown zone are saying they’re not confident in the energy provider.

“I have no confidence,” said Lauren Berman. “The more this situation progresses, the more scared we get.” (more…)


Two neighborhoods that hug Marsh Lane are impacted by a 2,800 customer gas service shutdown Atmos Energy is calling “unprecedented.”

Even as city officials and Atmos Energy representatives were meeting Thursday night with press to provide an update on an unprecedented gas service shutdown for 2,800 homes in an area that surrounds the site of a fatal home explosion last week, thousands of the company’s customers were lined up outside two assistance centers, growing more frustrated by the hour.

The shut down may be going on schedule, but the people in line insisted the information and aid was not humming along in a similar fashion. (more…)