Luxury Home Contractor Carolyn Isler is a Bad Ass, Continued…

3529 Marquette extI am so glad you posted this, Jo. I cannot say I blame her one bit, and there is no telling what we ladies might do when our nests are invaded and ruffled, adrenaline kicks in AND the SOB dares to help himself to beers in your fridge! (I wonder if he left dirty fingerprints, the rascal.)

Still, it is very dangerous to do what carolyn Isler did, and I recall being told in CHL class to avoid a confrontation if at all possible, even if you know how to handle a gun.3529 Marquette master bath 3529 Marquette kit

But this is probably the best PR Carolyn could get as a home builder. Just let those subs try to jack with her, she will show them who’s boss! Carolyn builds a gorgeous home and introduced me to the concept of a Keeping Room, which is a must-have in my next house!keepingroom