Texas Continues to Add Jobs Faster Than The National Average, With Midland/Odessa Topping List

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While the Midland/Odessa area is leading the rest of our great state in job growth, Texas is adding jobs at a quicker clip than most other states, and beats the national average easily.

That’s according to the July figures from the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University’s “Monthly Review of the Texas Economy.” Coming in second for job growth is the Fort Worth/Arlington metro area, with Corpus Christi in third and Dallas/Plano/Irving in fourth.

Why did Dallas rank fourth in job growth? Service and business/professional jobs didn’t grow nearly as much as construction, mining/logging, and hospitality. Still, with 6.5 percent unemployment (national average is 7.4 percent) and adding 289,200 non-government jobs, Texas isn’t doing so shabby.

Of course, more jobs mean more salaries, which means more people who can afford to buy homes. It’s no stretch to say that if job growth continues to increase, home sales will continue to increase, too. That’s good news for everyone, especially Realtors!

Want to read the full report?  Check it out on the Real Estate Center’s website right here.

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