Would You Buy a House With a Four-Car Garage? Coldwell Banker Poll Shows Most Home Buyers Prefer Three or Two Covered Spaces

4939 Manson Court ext 2

When my inlaws built their custom home, they chose a three-car garage so that they could park both of their cars indoors and have an extra area for my father-in-law’s wood shop. His new HOA didn’t allow sheds and out-buildings, so if he wanted to have a place for power tools a la Tim Taylor, he had to have a third garage space.

That’s what I imagine most people who have multiple garage spaces would use that additional space for — hobbies and a man cave, perhaps. But would you make the leap between a two- or three-car garage to a four-car garage? Most people won’t according to a poll by Coldwell Banker:

Interestingly, results of an informal poll on optimal parking spaces were mixed, but most respondents seemed less than keen on additional garage space. Half of those asked – buyers with different lifestyles and from different locations looking at a variety of price ranges and areas – said that they would not want more than three spaces for vehicles. In fact, two was the preferred number. Asked about more spaces, the common answer was “no need.”

One 30-something entrepreneur who participated in the poll unequivocally responded in the negative, saying that extra garage spaces “would just collect junk.” Several respondents thought money would be better spent on other amenities, and several suggested garden sheds or portable storage buildings in the backyard as alternatives for additional storage space. Even car lovers thought that a four-car garage space might encourage them to buy another collector’s car, which was viewed as a negative for a lot of reasons, domestic harmony included!

I tend to agree about additional space often attracting more junk. That’s the case with our garage right now. But even if I had a four-plus-car garage like Platinum Series Homes-built  4939 Manson Court (above), I would probably just fill it with all the fun toys I could find. Boat? ATVs? Bicycles? They all sound like fun!

What about you? Would you opt for the extra space? Or is your garage like Baby Bear’s porridge — just right?

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