Ready To Get Papered? Dallas Designer Says Walls Clad in Graphic Paper Are on Trend

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I grew up in the ’80s, wallpaper’s verifiable heyday. It seemed like anyone who was anyone had wallpaper in pretty much every room in their house, even the laundry room. That was when you could decorate any room in any theme you wanted and the chances of you getting side-eye from your friends was slim.

That’s not the case today, though. Paper went out of fashion in the late ’90s along with pegged jeans and neon accessories. But just like the questionable styles of the ’80s, wallpaper is making a comeback, too. That’s what Texas Paint and Wallpaper’s Marcey White-Pillow claims in this feature on the Coldwell Banker Blue Matter blog.

Wallpaper is a great investment for Metroplex homeowners, [White-Pillow] says, but with a modern twist.

Home buyers aren’t going for the look that their grandmas had. “People aren’t necessarily doing the whole room,” she said. “They pick a great pattern and create an accent wall.”

I totally agree about that. You won’t seen four walls clad with busy floral prints nowadays, but according to White-Pillow (what a name, right? Love it!), Midcentury Modern and “Mad Men” inspired graphic prints like chevrons are finding their way into tastemaker’s homes.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Refrigerator WallpaperI also agree with Marcey that “greige” — a neutral grey — is the best color for homeowners looking for a palette that will attract potential buyers but won’t feel too blah. And if you think that wallpaper is just for walls, well, I’ve seen some pretty fabulous applications on furniture and appliances, too!

While I have yet to try my hand at hanging wallpaper, I spend an awful lot of time on looking at all the fabulous accent walls (and ceilings, too!). Do you think that wallpaper is making a comeback, or are there some decor trends that are better off dead?

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