Happy New Year! Pardon Our Dust We Are Doing a Little Construction Over Here on CandysDirt.com!

Falling apart houseI WISH I could call it “re-construction”, as I almost did, and I wish I could report that it was just me getting my boob job to start out 2013 on a higher level.

No, it’s better! We are in the process of expanding our site, making it bigger, better, easier to read, click, share and bringing my beloved SecondShelters into the fold. We are going to have more home design and upkeep info, and generally more resources for our beloved, rapidly-growing network of readers and subscribers.

Among the new features making their debut in the Jan. 1 re-launch of CandysDirt.com will be a sleek new homepage providing readers with access to all the real estate scoop and “House Porn” their heart desires, right at their fingertips. We will also have:

– A re-vamped listing of CandysDirt.com-approved builders, since we are so selective about who we approve. Each builder is vetted and personally approved by us before their name crosses our homepage.

-A comprehensive listing of top-notch neighborhoods and what makes them go tick/tock

-Access to news and posts covering relocation (Move Me), home décor and staging (Stage Me), as well as outdoor entertaining and landscaping trends (Green Me),

-Easier access to SecondShelters.com where readers can indulge themselves in fabulous second home fantasies and vacation properties.

– Hip Pockets: in the tight world of Dallas real estate inventory, we are working to bring you listings before they even hit the market or MLS.

So please bear with us. I’ll try to vacuum up the dust as Amy and Kristen hammer and saw, and Jo is in the other room with a dust mop. Meantime, please let us know what you think, like or don’t like about the new site. Tell us what else you’d like to see (or have missed) in case we had too much bubbly over the weekend and destroyed brain cells — good Lord I had champagne for BREAKFAST on Tuesday!

What can I say? I was in California!


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