About Our New Commenting System on CandysDirt: We Heart Facebook

We’ve recently made the change to Facebook comments on our blogs, and we wanted to take a moment to explain why we decided to change the comment format, and how it works.

Commenters can now login via Facebook or Twitter — we are working on Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. When you opt for one of these social logins, your comments don’t have to be subject to editorial moderation before posting.

We don’t shy away from controversial topics here on CandysDirt.com, no sir, we do not. Once in awhile we hear from peeps who want to turn a legitimate House Porn analysis or  an intelligent discussion about the real estate issues our region faces into ad hominem attacks and ugly arguments behind the guise of Internet anonymity.

Over here at CandysDirt.com, we don’t like ugly

We’ve never cherry-picked comments on this blog. As a matter of fact, we’ve published several comments that even the comment’s author thought would be relegated to the circular file. You can’t be a blogger in this age if you don’t have both thick skin and the ability to laugh at yourself. Likewise, personal attacks, profanity, outright lies and libel are the only comments we’d filter out.

But we’re never willing to settle for just OK. We’re the region’s leading source of real estate insider news for a reason — we’re always striving for bigger and better. In an effort to elevate the discussion even further, we’re holding comments to the same level of accountability to which we hold ourselves. Quite simply, they are a guest in our home. We love having them here, we want to wine and dine ’em and hear everything they’ve got to say. Get it off your chest ’till those implants burst! But just don’t get ugly on us.

Like any transition,  it won’t be easy at first as we knock out the kinks. We’re also seeking a way for non-Facebookers to get in on the fun.

We have built something pretty special here and we are growing like a 6-year-old kid who tells his mom “my legs are hurting.” Our goal is to build an online media company that everyone who reads and shares CandysDirt.com can be proud of.

Disagree? Like the new Facebook comments? Well, comments are open!