When It Comes to Selling Your Home, What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

What does Amy Vanderoef's bright red front door say about her Kessler Park home?

We fell in love with Amy Vanderoef’s adorable Kessler Park home on Windomere last week, especially with the cute bright red front door.

It made a big impression on us, so it stands to reason that the front door, with it’s cherry red sheen and cute arched top, will stand out to potential buyers.

According to this story from Business Insider, your front door can either attract or repel buyers based on color alone.

Take Vanderoef’s door, for instance. A bright red front door indicates a home full of energy and life. After reading Candy’s post about the Vanderoef family, and seeing the inside of their perfect little home, that’s definitely the case!

Blue, on the other hand, indicates a calm and tranquil interior. North Dallas Realtor Lydia Player painted her front door a lovely shade of bright blue.

Green and brown both attract those who love nature. A black front door exudes “strength, sophistication, power, and authority,” says Debbi Zimmer, editor at PaintQuality.com.

Thinking of painting your front door something brighter? Approach with caution, as too much personality can be offputting to a potential buyer.

Personally, I love brighter shades on front doors, especially in neighborhoods like mine where a lot of the homes tend to look a bit too much alike.

What’s your favorite shade for a front door?

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