David Griffin + Keith Cox: Watch Out, Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts: The Force is WITH YOU!

Livin' it up at Bolsa on Davis Street -- delicious!

I will just lay it right out: David Griffin and Keith Cox are two of my most favorite people in the world. David and I go way back to when he was marketing the W Residences — God, that makes me feel old! (But David looks so young!) He has always, always been bullish on downtown Dallas real estate and property south of the bridge, Oak Cliff/Kessler/Bishop Arts. David started selling real estate with Virginia Cook and re-joined the firm as a luxury boutique division (like Dave Perry-Miller is to Ebby) in August of 2010. David Griffin & Company Realtors was founded by David Griffin in 1982, known as niche boutique firm for buying and selling homes in Uptown, the Park Cities, Lakewood and Kessler Park. During the most difficult real estate market since the Great Depression, David has marketed landmark properties, such as The House by Phillip Starck, The W at Victory, and Kessler Woods.

Keith Cox is a powerhouse of sales and personality force. In fact, when our real estate reality show lands a network, I so want Keith on that show! He started selling real estate at age 12 — no joke! He was riding home from school on his bike, he told his parents about a house he found and they closed on it a month later. Not sure whether he collected that commission check. Here’s what else makes Keith extraordinary: he worked as a banker in the early 1990’s, selling off a real estate portfolio of almost half a million. Getting his start in Dallas with John Whiteside, he side-tracked to Atlanta ( you and Al Hill III!) with Coldwell banker. Back to Dallas in 1999 he came, then took Keller Williams by storm where his prowess is feared in North Oak Cliff. No seriously, I have heard that agents TREMBLE when he hits a listing. Try 25 million in production per year, ranked in the top 1% of agents worldwide. I wrote his name so much on so many listings when I was at D Magazine, that keyboard is embedded with his letters.

So what happened? David and Keith got smarter –(“I’m inspired by intelligent people,” says David) and started a team for Oak Cliff real estate, their combed forces “knocking it out of the ballpark”, as David says. Meantime, both live there — David in an exquisite home in Kessler Woods, Keith somewhere (where do you live, my dear?). When Keith and I get together, the neurons sort of fly and ideas zip out of our heads like shooting stars — this at noon over iced tea. Anyhoo, this is the TEAM, folks, this is the story: David Griffin + Keith Cox now under David’s brokerage, under the Virginia Cook umbrella. Officing North Oak Cliff.

Little bit ’bout Virginia Cook Realtors: founded by Virginia Cook and Sheila Rice in 1999. Virginia Cook, an outstanding broker, as well as one of the most caring real estate executives I have ever met, enjoyed a distinguished 28-year career as president of Henry S. Miller, Realtors — she founded the residential division to sell homes to Dallas-bound executives who were utilizing Miller’s commercial services. (It was all his Henry’s wife’s idea, a story I will tell you someday.) Henry S. Miller Residential sold to Coldwell Banker in 2001. Founded in 1919, Henry S. Miller Company remains one of the largest independent brokerage and property management firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Mr. Miller, who died at the age of 95 in 2009, was named one of the leading 20 Dallasites of the 20th Century, and is widely known as “the master of real estate brokerage.”

Virginia Cook Realtors is one of the largest independently owned real estate firms in North Texas, with full-service offices in a multi-county region from the Park Cities to Sherman, Denison and Fort Worth. Virginia Cook has global relocation services utilized by hundreds of corporations.

And now, Virginia has David plus Keith. The world will truly never be the same!





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