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Last week, we introduced you to Garcia Desinor, Junior and told you about his new-fangled real estate broker model. Junior (as he has been called since the day he was born) hires agents and pays them a salary, almost unheard of in the traditional agent broker model. Junior is married to Kristin Desinor, they met at Texas Tech. We continue the convo:

CD: So, tell us, where do you live — sleek downtown condo?

GDJ: Kristin and I live in Bluffview in a  traditional 3 bedroom, 3 bath brick cottage

CD: Wow. How long have you been selling real estate?

GDJ: Since 2007.

CD: And you drive…

GDJ: A Range Rover/Infinity G35

CD: Fave things to sell, homes or condos:

GDJ: Homes. Especially, bad, out of shape homes. I love to see them after a cool guy or gal buys them and transforms them.

CD: What is the quickest you’ve ever turned a property?

GDJ: Four days from list to under contract.

CD: Name one real estate nightmare — a deal from hell —  you’ve experienced?

GDJ: I had a property that went under contract 5 times without any closings. We finally sold it at half the listing price.

CD: Sounds like Champ d’Or. Has anyone ever come in at a half price offer?

GDJ: On a $40,000 house, yes, but not on a million dollar house.

CD: What’s the biggest difference between real estate here and in Lubbock?

GDJ: Bang for your buck. $100K in Lubbock gets you a nicer house on the M Streets.

CD: Well, duh — it’s Lubbock! Tell me about our market:

GDJ: I think it’s going to be an amazing year. I’ve got one set to close this month with  a back-up offer. Seriously, you cannot find a good piece of land inside LBJ that’s not snatched up or sold. List a nice property properly, stage it and price it properly, it will sell. This is going to be a great year for Dallas real estate. Values are beginning to stabilize and increase.

CD: Nice! What are your strengths? Why should someone choose you as their agent?

GDJ:  I don’t have any bad habits from the good old days because I didn’t know and sell the bubble market. I’m not as jaded. I don’t expect to sit there and have the sales come rolling to me. And I love the new, hot brokers out there like Clay Stapp, and Rogers Healy whose business has taken off like a freakin’ rocket ship. The young brokers in this town are amazing.

CD: We think so, too!



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