Monday Morning Millionaire: It’s The Home Alone House, Dallas-Style on Royal Lane for $1.6

I’ll be honest: I about fainted when I saw the price on this stately, New England-y Georgian home at 4815 Royal Lane. It’s kind of the Dallas version of the Home Alone house, but bigger and better.  Yes, I know it’s on Royal Lane and homes on busy streets generally fetch less than those on quieter inside streets or cul de sacs. In fact, they can fetch 40 to 50% less and tend not to sell as quickly in a down market. And appraisers tell me homes on busy streets are selling now like mad because of lack of inventory. But just think: had the Home Alone house been on a busier street, perhaps thieves would not have targeted it for the holiday robbery!

This house is on a HUGE lot — 182 by 230, just shy of an acre — bigger than the Home Alone home’s lot. Built in 1985, it has recently been updated and is as perfect as any hot-off-the-press newly minted builder’s home. You get 6871 square feet, every inch deliciously planned and executed. Formals of course, five bedrooms, seven and a half baths, quarters with kitchen and bath above the three car garage that are darn nice, and a game room plus study off the master. You also get a master closet that honestly rivals the Chanel Boutique replica closet in Champ d’Or, minus the second story. Seriously: this is one of the best master closets I’ve seen — it’s the size of a bedroom! Another thing I love about this home: separate commodes for him and her. (I’m telling you, I think having two commodes should be a prerequisite to obtaining a marriage license!) There are all new kitchen appliances, gleaming hardwoods throughout, including upstairs from the elegant front staircase. The yard has a beautiful pool with cabana, which holds yet another kitchen and bath. So let me count: three kitchen areas. Four wood burning fireplaces. Pristine, move-in ready and only $1,695,000?

Ironically, the “Home Alone” house in Winnetka, Illinois finally sold for about that much: on the market for over a year, the 4250 square foot Georgian was purchased in 1988 for $875,00, then became a movie set, was priced at $2.4 million in 2010 or 2011, and finally sold in late February for $1,585,000.