Monday Morning Millionaire: Boomerang Kid? This House is for YOU!

These beautiful, original West Park duplexes built in 1937 pop onto the market about as often as never. They are CHOCK full of character; where else do you find a home with authetic sunrooms — times two? Here’s what else is wonderful about this darling duplex at 4541 Fairway: you can keep it as two separate three bedroom, two bath homes, or, with some minor tweaking, make it one big-arse, six bedroom, four bath home. Also, as I looked this pup over, it occurred to me this would be the perfect home for Boomerang kids. Yes, toss their butts in one side, you take the other. Seriously, I have friends who have had to sell their homes to get rid of 30 year olds. They are not getting jobs, they are not getting apartments, they are coming homes and expecting you to cook for them. This home is the perfect solution: you could even make then contribute to the mortgage once they land a job! And since there are two kitchens, both updated with stainless appliances and granite, their mess is their mess.  

Well, at least until the cockroaches start coming.

But seriously, this is a great deal. I’d live on one side and lease out the other, then you’d have someone to watch the fort when you leave town.

The home has a large play yard and wonderful stone patios, and you could easily pop in a pool. Price has been reduced from $1,249,000 to $1,199,000 (SERIOUS sellers, I hear) and get this: Highland Park Schools. The total home is over 4200 square feet with a four car garage on a .20 acre. Oh yes: unfinished quarters over the garage with one bathroom.

Who’s going to live there? Maybe the grandkids!