Help! My House Is A Mess! New Austin-Based Company Helps You Find Secure Storage On Line, Quick

Are you getting nervous about the holidays because your home is a mess and you have company coming for the holidays. Whatever the reason, the question of what to do with your “stuff” always comes up at this time of the year. You could pawn off your belongings with your friends or parents for storage, or you could use a new Austin, Texas-based online company like SpareFoot to help you find cheap and secure storage.

Instead of driving around or searching the yellow pages the “old fashioned” way — does anyone still keep phone books???–  SpareFoot can guide you through the process of finding reasonably priced and convenient storage companies. Go to and type in your zip code to get a detailed list of storage facilities in that area. You’ll find rental units that meet your storage size requirements, the prices per unit, whether they offer secure storage or not, whether there’s an available truck to rent, etc.

Using the SpareFoot website is like shopping online without any obligation to buy. You click on one of the storage facilities on your screen to see a snapshot of what they have to offer. Bulleted lists will tell you the essentials including what amenities/services they offer. For example, some storage facilities offer 24-hour access, while others are only open certain times during the week. Once you’ve booked secure storage with SpareFoot, for a limited time you will receive a $20 cash back bonus. Started by a couple of bright college kids, SpareFoot even offers info on things like wine storage.

Not sure what a 10 X 15 storage unit can hold? Cool feature: hold your mouse over the available storage sizes and you’ll see an example of the amount and type of items that unit can hold.

Wish it could be that easy, now, to get the stuff out of the house.